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Anthem Demo Full Review

by TalonZenn07

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Anthem Demo Full Review

★★★ Novice

    The gameplay itself so far is great, it feels amazing with the wide open panoramic views and freedom of movement that i’ve always wanted in games since I first play Prototype on the 360.

    I’ve already pre-ordered the game and I do have a slight hyped expectation for the game and can already see myself quickly hitting the end game content within a week or 2.


Problems include

-game crashing

-infinite loading screen upon reaching 95%

-enemies disappearing

-host leaving during expedition ending it

-players being afk during expeditions holding the game hostage if the team goes down.

-player level and stats being reset at the end of expedition fallowed by app reset.


Quality of life.

     After putting thousands of hours into RPGs like Tom clancy’s The Division, Diablo 3 and Warframe, crafting and breaking things down for components is such boring and tedious work. But I get it, you need players to spend hours and hours in your game doing thing like this because (it’s a numbers game) stats, atributes, damage, health, armour etc, we spend way to much time adjusting these numbers at a hq of sorts or in this case Forge.


    When salvaging materials there needs to be a (Mark to Salvage) Option so people are not forced to spend time salvaging every individual piece of scrap loot they are overly blessed with.


   Time to kill I’ve noticed is really great at Max Level 15 on Hard, and noticing the only real difference on Grandmaster difficulty is the increase in health and damage, this being the usual mistake most RPGs make. Making enemies more bullet spungy is not changing the game at all, in endgame this is just going to make the same missions take much longer and more tedious.


   I understand health and damage buffs are necessary but i’d Rather love if much much more enemies were added in larger swarms, giving the players a more overwealming feeling (without crashing the game)


    Lastly I’ve noticed there is no medic on the team. Now I know it’s just a demo and there’s a lot we haven’t seen yet but every team needs a medic / soul support build.

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Re: Anthem Demo Full Review

★★★★ Novice

I agree, a "mark as junk" and "deconstruct junk" button is needed.

I don't think a medic class is necessary, however each javelin having a support ability like the ranger bubble that instead gives full shield to anyone who enters within say 5 seconds would be good, make it so you can only benefit from it once per javelin so as not to make it OP.

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