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Re: Anthem Crossplay

by Viperions0

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Anthem Crossplay

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You should release Anthem with cross platform play.

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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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@IxCero Thanks for the feedback, would be pretty cool to see but I am not aware of any plans for cross-play. 



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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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I'd love to see several games go cross-platform too, but not at the cost of performance or extended downtimes.  I imagine that keeping servers code synced would be that much more complex across consoles and pc.  

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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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With console players involve, they will be at a disadvantage against player with KB & Mouse.
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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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and i dont wont my $3200 PC being dragged down to console level graphics to keep it fair either 

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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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Keep it PC, I agree!
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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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With Anthem being straight up PvE, the whole advantage of kb & m is kind of negated.  With all the player interaction being cooperative, I personally don't mind if someone starts shooting at the same target as me, only slightly faster.


To that end, I'd love to see cross-platform play as well.  I'm on the One X, but have a few friends that play on PC that would be fun to team up with.  Speaking from experience playing Sea of Theives, the PC/xbox communities are able to do PvE stuff quite well together.

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Re: Anthem Crossplay

First, it's up to Sony.


Then it would be down to BioWare having the time/capacity to do it.


2020 maybe?

I don't work for EA, but I adore BioWare's Mass Effect, Dragon Age & Anthem.
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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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@__quicdraw__1X: Does the XBox not also support M+K anyways? The gap is pretty narrowed these days - I use a controller on my PC to play MHW, and I imagine there's console players using M+K.

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Re: Anthem Crossplay

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@Viperions0: It does support them, but that has to be enabled by the devs. I don't think the feature has rolled out onto many games yet.
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