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Anthem Companion App

by RaInBoWxHiTz6

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Re: Anthem Companion App

★★★★ Novice

Would be great to be able to see what you have equipped while on mission and be able to keep track of challenges for said item I always forget which items I have and what challenges I want to do would also love to be able to swap stuff out when challenges are done so I don’t have to bother to go back to the fort early 

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Re: Anthem Companion App

★★★★ Novice
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Re: Anthem Companion App

★★★ Apprentice

clan of anthems, fortress building real time strategy game with in app purchases for speedup building options. lol.


EA i want 10% of all earnings for this idea.

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Re: Anthem Companion App

★★ Guide

I want a companion app that includes a live view of your place on the map— like Fallout 4 offered.

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Re: Anthem Companion App

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I totally agree! I would be great to read all the lore and understand the backstories without being logged into the game. I only have so much time to play each day, and don’t want to have it all monopolitilzed on lore.

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Re: Anthem Companion App

★★★★ Novice

I'd like to see a free room backpack feature as well. Would be really cool if you could throw items down when it starts to over-fill or maybe a mobile scraping feature of some sort though the scraping might be a little difficult to design with how and when items stats roll in game. I really think the app needs in game functionality especially to change your in-game suit cause that's a huge pain in the neck right now. I'd really love to see a full inventory set up in app to alter in game equipment and vault(wouldn't say I'd like it to change items mid mission maybe on free-roam only but no farther personally). Hope to see something soon. Love the game though will continue playing. 😃👍

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Re: Anthem Companion App

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Would also be cool to get a way to talk to the people of the fort and pick up contracts as well with the app.

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Re: Anthem Companion App

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★★★★★ Apprentice

So you'd like an app to change between your 2 armor sets and/or 2-3 seperate pieces for chest, head, legs, feet? Super. I don't think you can have more than that at this point if you haven't microtransactioned like hell.


Not a bad idea as such, kinda superfluous though at this point in the games development, it being so lacking in actual game content and all.

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