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Anthem: April Patch (What doesn't work)

by 19Milanis67

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Anthem: April Patch (What doesn't work)

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So I read your patch notes, and I've noticed the ability to go to the "Forge" while in freeplay: EXCEPT IT DOESN'T F....ING WORK...


What I mean is this, I'll explain: so I got my ranger his power rating was masterwork until you guys fu...ed it up, and made it too bloody easy by changing it to Legendary, so I see I can go to the "Forge", so I go to the "Forge", I try to change my back up weapon which is currently Ralner's Blaze (Assault Rifle), to Unending Battle (Machine Pistol), well after I clicked on Unending battle, my power rating went up from 704 to 765, but the game froze slightly, then it took me out of the forge, and there was NO WEAPON EQUIPPED IN THE BACK UP SLOT, so I went back into the "Forge", and re-equipped my "Ralner's Blaze", which from what I can tell, never really ever un-equipped.


Then I went to my assault cannon, and tried to change it to from "Argo's Mace" to the pulse one, it did the same thing, the game froze slightly, it took me out of the "Forge", and there was no weapon/skill equipped, so I then went back into the "Forge" and re-equipped "Argo's Mace" which never seemed to un-equip it in the first place.


Also I read in your patch notes, I'll just explain what else seemed to not work, playing "Tyrant Mine" on GM2, (Interceptor - power 704), as I re-spawned my hit points/life bar went to almost zero while I was in the re-spawning place, so that doesn't work either.


FYI: There is nothing wrong with my account but every single time I try to contact your technical support, you can't be reached, you tell me I got hacked, what a poor way of making excuses, if you just don't want to help, just don't help.


Have a nice day, stay safe

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