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Answers HQ - Official Clubs

by Zeelmaekers

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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

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We in Europe are probably further in member count 😈

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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

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EdwardElric6529 (Don't know forum username)


Thanks for games earlier from EU club. Didn't get to speak as both of you didn't use Mic! :D


SWEET JEEZ OF MERCY... PC lobbies are actually a nightmare in skill ceiling.


It isn't the movement or aiming, thats all OK and can keep up.. but its the insane tactics by premades, nade spam and they all push from different directions for cross fire, at exactly the same. Everytime it's like rainbow siege door entry tactics. 


I'll never moan again on a console lobby! Seriously it was a real challenge to get above 1 kill in PC lobby....when on consoles it was fairly easy to drop 3-4 before being out. 


I don't play ranked anymore, so I am Bronze 4. I thought OK lets drop us into a Bronze lobby and still get wrecked by a Bronze 3 player with 7K kills and 2 million damage on one character when I spectated him!


Thought I do a quick console only game afterwards and got 5 kills :D Couldn't even get past 1 kill for 2hrs in PC lobby Disappointed



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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

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@MandatoryIDtag am in the middle east but am fine with London server so which one I have to join.
actually, I created a club but I will transfer the ownership to one of my friends and join you guys ...if it's fine by you Standard smile
seriously need some decent teammates for predator grind
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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

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@PeterN_UKI am EdwardElric6529.

Agree with you about the PC lobbies. That first triple 0/0 was a sign of things to come. Getting lasered from 100m away with an LSTAR ... quite the experience.

Like you I dropped back into console-only PUBS and immediately got 3 kills. Last night in total I played 26 games and got 28 kills - 0 kills in 4 or 5 PC lobby games :D

Perhaps we ought to have separate clubs for PC/Console? I don't have the skillz to play in PC lobbies.

Happy to team up any time but I would prefer it to be console-only. I prefer games that last longer than 30 seconds :D


[I have comes set to Friends Only so send me a friend request if you want to use Mic]

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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

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We should all use the Mic. Felt a bit silent talking to myself and just hearing text to voice back.


Haha I could almost tell your frustration once you left the party. Peeking at the wrong time got me face slapped by a charged triple take/sentinel in one hit. Then I am shooting at somone using Rampart glitch to fly around.


So now I know to close the skill gap is to bring the fights to close combat when possible with spam fire weapons. Hence once other maps back in rotation it will be better. Plus remember we are all still trying to memorise the map layout.


Luckily it already shows which are PC/console members in club list to squad up with.


Overwhelming majority in list are PC players granted. I mean maybe once they allow someone to be part of more than one club. But it will be same as just selective invite right now.


But it will be a shame to split playerbase on a EU club that already has so few members ~10. Plus it has that nice chat window as an extension of forum and community spirit. I believe this club thing will grow into something more as new social features are added.


I'll roll along with PC players and go super focus *Leans forward on chair, shoves face 10cm from 24" monitor*. May even learn something new.


Then once PC players go to bed I'll poke some console players to squad up and sweat less.


- This map is way too open between loot areas with no obstacles in order to travel cover to cover
- Too much distance between loot areas. Fish in a barrel.
- Too much overuse of same graphical assets. i.e. Other maps had strong landmarks to distinguish areas from memory easier, so would know which part of map I was in.
- Too much Sniper ammo ground loot. I could pickup 100 ammo in less than 2-3 mins easily. Sniper weapon drops are OK

- Very obvious loot is distributed too evenly. I noticed earlier games is much more looting before the action than other maps for sure.


But stick with it until they rebalance map and and stick other ones back in rotation for close combat more.


Guess at the end of the day "losing with people you know is more fun than winning alone"


But damn so many 0/0/0 kill games in PC lobbies. That was painful :D

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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

@DYSPROssium I think I need to come spend time in the EU, lots of forum members I want to game with and they are all in Europe.. Leaves me as a professional bullet sponge for my team with 150+ ping.
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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

I agree with you about a little lazy re-use of graphics. Some rooms are completely identical to others. It's hard to know where you are at times. I can't ever see myself learning this map like WE or KC. Some areas are just re-skinned versions of KC (i.e. the rig/salvage).


Most fights now seem to be CQC, which suits me as I am still poor mid-range (but getting better). I've given up my usual LMG-Sniper meta. Now I carry a Volt/R301/Flatline/Spitfire with a Havoc/Devotion in the hope of finding a TC (which seem to be more in abundance on this map).


I notice some new voice lines but none of the VAs seem to have been recorded for the Quickdraw hop-up.


Horizon's voice lines are annoying. "How about a wee pick me up" has become as annoying as "extra supplies here" every 30 seconds.


I think I'm gonna grind out the BP and Ranked (once the preds have advanced) in Console lobbies. Hopefully more console players will club up in the near future.

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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

@DarthValtrex With your GT it's entirely appropriate that you join the dark side ...
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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs


Let me in! Let me in, please! HeartParty hat

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Re: Answers HQ - Official Clubs

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@PeterN_UK PC lobbies are nuts, I keep getting sniped hardly ever get a snipe shot landed on me when on Xbox.
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