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Another letter to Santa Claus

by daemontonio

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Another letter to Santa Claus

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Dear Santa:


Apologies for this late letter since it has come to my attention that you have started your deliveries already in other parts of the Earth.


Although eclecticism can be seen as lack of originality, the idea of adding features from other AAA games came to me. I feel they would enhance the sense of community in Anthem. If "shops across the street" can do it then I want to believe that the combo EA/BioWare is able to do it as long as there are no patent(s) or licensing restrictions. I am positive that there might be hurdles along the way of their implementation but I am naive and this letter is about wishful thinking. Where there is a will you can usually find a way.


From the Forza franchise:

1. Auction House. A section where we can sell or trade our surplus items.

2. Theatre. A section where we can replay our latest missions.


From Call of Duty:

1. Stats. A section where we can see how much time we have spent on missions, stats by weapon, etc. A similar section where we can see how the power level stats of a javelin.






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Re: Another letter to Santa Claus

@daemontonio  a gift section might be more appropriate for Christmas...


- Carpe diem and enjoy your game -

    Just a normal gamer trying to help – not working for EA

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