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*An Update on The Iron Crown Event*

by EA_Blueberry

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Re: *An Update on The Iron Crown Event*

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@Dogge7 New legends are cheap ( almost free) so everyone can buy easily.

Weapon skins are optional and does not affect the whole game experience. It's pretty easy to understand o.O
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Re: *An Update on The Iron Crown Event*

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@EA蓝莓 I am an APEX player. Because during the iron crown activity, I collected 24 iron crown treasure chests and also bought blood dog heirloom. after the iron crown activity, I bought 500 legendary chests to open the evil spirit heirloom. However, I did not get the evil spirit heirloom I wanted, but got the same blood dog heirloom. Because in the game, the bloodhound cannot hold two heirlooms, and the interface of the game equipment heirlooms does not show where the second heirlooms are. after seeking many online customer service, they all got the same answer, that is, you must accept it! I want to say, obviously, this is the result of a game mistake, and customer service should not push it off like this. A game is done perfectly. But its after-sales service is not good. Then the game will not last long! What is the meaning of technical team and help team? Is this the department that should help players solve their difficulties? But this kind of department found the problem but did not solve it, and pushed it off again and again! Even want to turn the family heirloom lost by the players into useless metal materials! This is an insult and disrespect to the players. The technical team can feed back metal. Why can't they feed back family heirlooms of equal value to the players? I saw the comments on EA on the website and said it was very fair, but in fact? Each game player can be divided into two categories, one is to spend money on the game and the other is not to spend money on the game. A few days ago, during the Iron Crowd event, there was a quarrel between the player who did not spend money and the person in charge of game development because he could not buy his favorite iron crown skin in the mall. EA Company has modified this mechanism and openly sells iron crown skin in stores. Shouldn't we players who spend money on games defend our rights? Isn't our money money? If our rights and interests are not protected and improved, then next time. Will players who encounter such things invest a cent in EA games? The answer is no! I hope EA technical team can modify this unreasonable game mechanism. Since we bought the heirloom in the store, we should not open the same heirloom in the legendary box! Please replace the surplus heirloom axe with the evil spirit heirloom we want! Thank you!
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Re: *An Update on The Iron Crown Event*

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after seeking many online customer service, they all got the same answer, that is, you must accept it!


ouch...that reply basically means they don't know how or just don't want to deal with it.





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Re: *An Update on The Iron Crown Event*

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@HeroJYJo Hey, the duplicate issue is being looked at, as you note, there should not have been duplicates. We'll let folks know when there's an update on this. 

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