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Re: Amulet of Winter.

by Loki_Deezie

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Amulet of Winter.

★ Pro

I guess i will never get back this legendary. You see, when you "fixed" Mark of Ruin last patch you actually changed the name of Mark of Ruin with Amulet of Winter and I lost my Legendary Amulet of Winter to your bug.You have now fixed the name and icon switch..Thanx for that. However you did not give me back my original legendary.

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Re: Amulet of Winter.

★★★★ Guide

Ya mine have been switched too.


Luckily I found new leg of both the other night.

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Re: Amulet of Winter.

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Same here. Super annoying for me since I run all ice and now my component is now for fire.

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Re: Amulet of Winter.

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Same for me, but opposite I had Leggo Mark of Ruin prior and now it's broke and stuck as Amulet of Winter 

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