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Re: Amazon is refunding

by EA_Arrenai

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Amazon is refunding

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Got mine today. 

Still no menus, loot or actual Content.

2nd half of April for anything beyond bug fixes. 

Still nothing for the whole "lod" purchase other than an armor set, and some decals.  

Store prices insanely high seeing as there is NO WAY otherwise to obtain armor.

Rewards for grinding the same trash mobs endlessly for moths and months and months for the 9000000000000 reputation - 8000?   Are you f'in serious?


All you have to tell amazon is the truth.  Took me about 10mins on the phone. 


Tear it down


Do it RIGHT this time.


After Andromeda lessons and swtors YEARS of live service, you have no ezcuse.   

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Re: Amazon is refunding

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sorry, didn't know you knew how to make a game, why not apply I am sure they would welcome your insight.
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Re: Amazon is refunding

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I don't know how to build a house but i reckon it needs a floor.

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Re: Amazon is refunding

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Thanks, I quit work in qa for blizzard during burning Crusade rollout 2, aka the "resilience" update. So ya, actually I do. And feel free to check with your mods, my name is right there in the credits, so spare me your jump to the defense fanboisim and your pretend knowledge of anyone or anything relating to release complications or Community Management, let alone even thinking you know anything about a toxic community... ROFL that's almost insultingly naive.

If you wish to * your money away and pat the thieves who took it on the back, while assuring them you will be in line for them to rob you at your very next convenience, so be it. That's your money. As for me, I got mine.
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Re: Amazon is refunding

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Then you have nothing to contribute here. Please, take your money and leave no one needs to hear from you ever again. As for your experience in the gaming industry, I sincerely doubt it but, internet warriors like you have no life so whatever delusion helps you get through your day.


Those who have actual accomplishments do not have to boast about them on the forums especially when you are walking out the door. Take your money and leave since clearly you are living paycheck to paycheck and need the money back.

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Re: Amazon is refunding

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@AngelicEnforcer Agreed, I do not mind telling people I worked for bliz and ncsoft in the past. but that is due to development being a passion and my job though I have stepped back due to how stressful it is with little to no gratification. (especially ncsoft. freaking mobile obsessed people_
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Re: Amazon is refunding

Community Manager

Hey there, everyone.


The thread's not being particularly constructive right now, so I'm going to close it out. We do welcome constructive feedback, however, so if you have specific points on you would like to share feedback on, please feel free to share them on the Anthem feedback boards. Thanks!


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