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Re: Alt+F4 banned

by RageDMonkeY69

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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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Cheater :

1. Hot drop, if killing do good, and get points -> continue.

2. Hot drop, if die, to avoid loosing point -> ALT+F4              //WTF is this ??

3. Repeat 


They abousing the system, they deserve to get ban and let them reflect WTF they're doing.


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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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how can they fix "Alt + F4"?
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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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Well you can use it. But it doesn't mean that the option was intended. If you do it knowing the consequences, why bother complaining?


People have the option to steal, *, murder. But just because their not constantly watched from doing so, does this mean it's okay?


Should they complain about it being unfair?


I know the example is a reach outside of the action in question. But the point remains the same.

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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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@MeltedIron00By removing incentive to do it. Remove loss forgiveness - problem solved. Maybe add some leaver penalty for "crashes" too.
I can understand though that they really want to make the loss forgiveness thing work, but it's probably quite impossible task.

Also, they really need to up their communication and say early on that certain actions WILL result in punishments (even if they won't do punishments, a warning generally works just as well in preventing future crimes - one of the reasons all laws and punishment for breaking them is public knowledge).
If they see an increase in faulty behavior, they shouldn't wait until the perpetrators do it enough to be heavily punishable - they should want to give out warnings so that the perpetrators have a chance to stop before it's too late (even if banning ppl is fun).

Anyway, this one was quite obvious, so anyone using it should have known they'll be facing penalties, but some less minor exploits are much less obvious. E.g., technically bunnyhop-healing was an exploit and using it could have been punishable.
Early announcement would also reduce the extent of the problem until they decide what to do about it. Alt+F4 was used all throughout previous season too, yet nothing was done about it. Should they have clearly stated it's not acceptable and punishable by death, some exploiters may have stopped doing it (either because they have conscience or simply out of fear of the announced punishment).

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Re: Alt+F4 banned

There really shouldn't be a debate on this matter tbh.


You screwed up, take it on the chin and move on. Maybe avoid spending money on games you intend to cheat on..or better yet, don't cheat at all. :,)

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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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Cheater don't want to pay the RP cost to play in rank, they want to play like they're still in Bronze (0 RP cost).

In Bronze, even idiot  can go to Silver since the only way to go is UP. 


So cheater try to cheat the same way :

1. If they are doing good during game (get some RP), they continue.

2. If they're doing bad, cost RP, they bail out (0 RP). Repeat this hundred times, even thousand times, eventually they go to Diamond/Predator.



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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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That doesn't mean they couldn't get there without the bug - you just can't know. A system that was supposed to stabilize over time is nowhere near the end due to nonsense like this. And now they have to either let the abusers stay in too high rank or force them (either with a ban or taking away RP) to a too low rank. Either way the ranking system gets a major step backwards and is destabilized even more. Ranking system's goal is to provide as fair play as possible in every rank, not just the highest ranks. Putting a large chunk of playerbase in a too low rank is a major step back and will again destabilize lower ranks for weeks or even months. So there's really no good solution now.

They really should never have introduced loss forgiveness for crashes (and they really should start thinking about reconnect system to counteract game instability instead of trying to gloss it over with candies) - anyone could have told them that this WILL be abused. Pulling internet cable to avoid bad things happening is a trick as old as internet itself, crashing the game on purpose is just a variant of it. Especially, if you consider this is a completely free game and potential abusers don't even need to worry about permanent bans, since they can just start over for free and just keep doing it...


P.S. I will not be happy about ranking system until they 1) remove loss forgiveness (way too abusable (playing with a "friend" who just leaves is another (most likely popular) option, not addressed at all yet), 2) add reconnect feature, 3) remove inability to derank at rank floor. Only with these 3 alterations we can expect ranks to ever stabilize to something reasonable, so I'll just keep throwing them around wherever I can Standard smile.

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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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My net is bad from where I am and I constantly get dc-ed or crashes. I hope this doesn't happen to me.

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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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[CM Edit: Do not name and shame - if you suspect a user of cheating then please report them in game]

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Re: Alt+F4 banned

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@GRiPSViGiL The law should be for everyone or for no one!! Who care how much viewers do he have, if is famous or *. If cheat, ban and that's all!!!!
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