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Allmost 1 Year off Anthem

by G3n3raalBE

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Allmost 1 Year off Anthem

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Dear Anthem,

You are almost 1 year old. (that's old in the gaming industrie) And still you have a lot of connection problems and crashes, players have to deal whit.

It is sad to see that for a TRIPLE A game en developer / EA not being able to fix the foundations of an online service game.

I hope that year 2020 will turn it around for the fans of anthem.

Kind regards.

(it just an opinion)

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Re: Allmost 1 Year off Anthem

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One year is old? It's actually 11 months old. It's just an infant. Old would be World of Warcraft, Battlefield or Quake.


Is that you MAGA?

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Re: Allmost 1 Year off Anthem

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@vfx211 Yeah. It's him.
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Re: Allmost 1 Year off Anthem

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Normally Id say a year is still ok.... these days.

But for this pile of trash... its ancient.


I haven't been able to find a group in this game, for hardcore modes in MONTHS.

Its a shame... no doubt.

But its the way it is. Bioware is a joke for a reason... they ruin games and lie to sell copies. Just like their daddy EA.

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Re: Allmost 1 Year off Anthem

@ElDETlK For hardcore? How often do you play! Hardcore is a leveling difficulty. On the other hand, I am able to find groups for GM3 content even at the weird dead of night hours I play. (2-5 am).

Also, if one bothered to look, there are plenty of places to find folks who want to group up, Xbox and PS4 communities, Facebook, streamer communities and a bunch of discord’s (even one attached to sub-Reddit’s). One needs to expend at least a little effort to join them, but far less than it takes to post rage-filled entries in every thread in the forum. However, perhaps one feels better for venting at least?

Just another gamer hoping to help.
Love playing RPGs, MMOs, and Action games.
Like watching most other games.

I'm not employed by EA.
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