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[All] TCTGaming is Recruiting for Anthem!

by hanxa13

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[All] TCTGaming is Recruiting for Anthem!

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TCT is looking for fresh blood ahead of the Anthem launch!!! With a solid Destiny foundation, we have an eager following ready for Anthem  While guilds won't be implemented immediately, we are building our Alliances and will be forming an official guild as soon as it is available!!! 


While it had its hiccups, the Anthem demos have got us all excited. Join our growing team of Freelancers as we explore Bastion and tackle new threats, making lifelong friends along the way.


TCT Gaming is an 18+ gaming community which values maturity and acceptance. We form close friendships and ask that you leave the salt at the door. We run competitions in the Discord and value clan involvement. We are a mixed bag of gamers from all over the world and very much a family. Most play to the US timezones but our NZ group is also growing! 


We have very few rules:


1. You must join our Discord. Even if you do not join a clan, you are welcome in the Discord and community. 

2. Be over 18. 

3. Be mature/no toxicity. We are all adults and are certainly capable of acting as adults.

4. Be moderately active (or at least in communication) and aim to play with clanmates. We ask that you play at least every three weeks or maintain contact in the Discord. Life comes first and we know it can get in the way at times; if you need to take an absence, just let us know.

5. Have fun - the most important rule of all and the one that keeps us coming back to the games we love.


If you would like to come along, reply to this post and we will get you sorted out! You can also find a permanent invite to our Discord at 

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