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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

by Bantou

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Aimbotters Not Banned.

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edited, nothing against forum tos, don't remove this time.


I would like honest feedback on the building conception around EA allowing aimbot on their servers. I've made many corporate decisions in my life and this reeks. There are a lot of honest fps players and they've all already quit because of this. Was it worth tapping into other regions for market share and player base?


They've already reached their quota, people accused of aimbot with ample evidence only get defensive, so why continue letting it happen? For people who have a schedule and wanted to play this casually, it just sucks. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.


They can throw out numbers of people they're banning all day. They can report they've banned 55236231 people that gets published on articles across the web, but is it really the case? It doesn't answer the question of these cheaters with over 5k kills from day one, with names like "ReportsDontWork"


I don't feel like my EAC reports have made a difference, and I didn't get a response once; even when I asked for one.


new clips with proof: removed 


If it's allowed by EA and Toggled to their mouse binding, easiest thing to do, very tough to catch. You have to catch the difference in their gameplay or if they have horrible gamesense and still land every single shot to notice.


As a reminder, if you use aimlock, you have 0 kills, no stats. Your program aims for you.


"Such blatant usage of wall-hacks and aimbots remains unpunished as-of-yet, however, though it is against Twitch's terms of use to use cheats while streaming. It's quite surprising that they've managed to be so obvious about cheating for so long, but what can you do."

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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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I've watched the previous clips you had in that playlist and I've watched some of the newer ones and I still say that none of those clips show any proof of cheating except for the ultra blatant one or two. 


I don't want to upset you brother but I'm going to have to be blunt - There are some good players out there. You'd be surprised how good people can really get. You said yourself that you're a casual player and that's 100% fine man. There are just players out there who don't take games as casually as you do. This game rewards good aim and it's 100% possible to be a legit player and still rack up 30 kills like it's nothing. It might seem like some of these people are cheating because of a significant skill gap when seeing the average player play.


There isn't a big conspiracy and EA is not "letting" people cheat. No offense EA but I'm not really a fan of the company but I'm surely aware that you guys know what you're doing. EA would never think that letting people cheat is a good business move. They want the cheating problem gone as bad as we do, I'm sure they are pretty embarrassed about it actually.


Don't worry man, matchmaking will probably soon come and the game will be 100% more enjoyable for casuals and serious players alike.


Hope your future games are more fun. 

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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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@VPPTrue I do appreciate the criticism and assuring me it isn't EA. It doesn't upset me, don't worry Standard smile I'm trying to look at it from both sides and find an answer like most players. I'm just trying to help out and like I said, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I know many players are really good, especially streamers who play a lot.


It's just strange when they unload an entire clip into a Mirage decoy and another clip all landed shots ... or miss a bunch of shots one clip, then all of them land the next.


I miss my shots too, sometimes land nearly every shot in the clip too, but pretty consistently here and there I would think.


I don't typically overthink this stuff and I'm not usually one for 'conspiracies' but it's bugging me cause I really loved this game.



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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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I really appreciate you being mature about taking criticism or acknowledging other points of view. You're a rare breed these days.

Who knows maybe you're on to something I don't see. Everyone likes to snicker at the "conspiracy" ( wish i had a better word) theories until they end up being true.

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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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Thank you! Only time will tell. Angel


Whenever they decide to secure the servers to get the game back to a healthy state, aimbotters will be so used to depending on that toggle. So it'll be funny to see some 3500 damage badge players expecting a carry on your team that have to work for those 20 bombs. Excluding the ones that were always legit Thinking


It'll just be nice to know with 100% surety.

Hopeful for the state of the game.

Stay true, Apex players.

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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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First game back. Is this guy nuts at Apex or toggling? What do you guys think?


btw they'll use certain guns for a reason and some software automatically shoots targets to make shots look inconspicuous.


He won solo. I cut out a few minutes of him just staring at walls, missing easy shots on the last guy, etc.



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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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I have spectated an AIMBOT user an entire game, I suppose this guys aimbot only worked in ADS...He would purposely hipfire to look inconspicuous but when he ADS the AIMBOT was so evident.

These cheaters are laughing at this game, its almost as they taunt EA with the whole " I cant be caught na nee na nee boo boo"

Like the guy said, they even advertise their hack sites in their player ID, I seen reportsdontwork in game, I have been killed by player ILUVAIMBOT, just laughing at EA.

These people have had ample time to but a better ANTI CHeat, in place. This report a player is half *. 

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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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But I guess the good news is....I didnt pay for this !@#$%^ game  Standard smile

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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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update for those that are interested: [removed]

can't believe this is keeping me up Sleepy


Have a great week, everyone.

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Re: Aimbotters Not Banned.

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WAIT... are you saying that people like shroud and dizzy are cheating with these videos?? is that what are you saying??


first of all, if that is the case, you are a rookie player/training dummy for saying that... any experienced player would know that they are legit by watching them play just 1 time.



now.. about EA/Respawn "letting" people cheat


they are not literally "letting", you misunderstood the reason why it's happening to them, i agree with the part that you said that they made bad decisions, but it's blinding you from the real truth.

if you look at the game right now you will see a gigantic number of flaws, flaws like server instability, client instability, bugs, data vulnerability, code errors, gameplay fixes/balances and many more minor problems like ranked matchmaking... NOT JUST CHEATING


that being said, they are prioritizing critical problems that keep you from playing the game like crashes, mass lags and stuff (they are partially not wrong) but still...

you should know that money talks since you "made many corporate decisions in your life"


in my not so humble opinion i think that they should address cheating as a critical problem as well...they are forgetting why some games lost their potential(long term money/popularity) due to cheating and i fear that they are not going to dump the useless EAC service because some stupid contract or company bureaucracy.


ps: your videos sucks as ''proof/evidence'', hope you get better in the future.


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