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Re: Aimbot = Accuracy Statistics.

by FaZaaa_82

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Aimbot = Accuracy Statistics.

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If respawn would just track accuracy when shooting at a enemy on screen it would be a huge tell on aimbots.  ( Not shooting randomly )

ALL the aimbots I see hard lock on the upperchest / neck area.  There is no soft aim or delay it just snaps on players.

If you guys would just collect the stats of a average players and pro players.  Then any new account with GODLIKE accuracy is likely aimbotting. 


There is no reason to smurf in this game as there is no matchmaking or ranks.  I can say as a decent player I get 30-45% accuracy and 20-25% headshots in other games.  I've seen overwatch pros with 60% accuracy not sure about headshots.  People with this are 0.01% of the population.

PLEASE so many fing people are so frustrated you got a great game and you just won't deal with the biggest problem a fair gaming enviroment.


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Re: Aimbot = Accuracy Statistics.

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100% we need bans on stats.

This anti cheat is the biggest joke ever!

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Re: Aimbot = Accuracy Statistics.

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Yes this is a really great game! This post is not toxic

But if you can take care of the cheaters again this cycle, we would appreciate it. Another ban wave of sorts would do the trick for the meanwhile while you work on long term solutions (hopefully)

Again not toxic! Trying to be nice!
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Re: Aimbot = Accuracy Statistics.

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The amount of cheating at the moment is at a record high!

You need to search about 10 games on average just to get a game with no hackers.....

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Re: Aimbot = Accuracy Statistics.

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I posted this in February and it is a way to stop them.



1)  They could just spam inbetween engagements to lower their accuracy, so rounds fired would have to be tracked as well

2)  Aren't there settings for aimbots?  They would just toggle them on/off or reduce the accuracy/headshots as they do now when spectated


At best it is about inconveniencing them, the sort of people that cheat in online games aren't just going to give up especially in a f2p 'let's create 1m new accounts when the last one gets banned' game.


Personally between no new content and the cheaters I have no interest in even launching the game.

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Re: Aimbot = Accuracy Statistics.

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If they bring the aimbot down to an above average players accuracy like 45% we won't be insta gibbed from 200 to 0 with the R99. 

Anyways all aimbots I spectate right now are 100% accurate its just the * players using it trying to shoot people through walls and stuff like that makes it miss.

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