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Re: Aim Assist info

by Wingmannedbro

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Aim Assist info

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Apparently aim assist is still stronger on PC than console, so there's that. The sources I got from the Feedback forum kind of conflict on whether this is true or not though. I got these from MoNosDirtyGaming, (I think that's how it's spelled, but it's similar to that.)

Good info on aim assist in general.

Secondary confirmation. Can we take a moment to appreciate how some pro Diegosaurus person was wrong? Although, looking through the tweets, it seems like it started some minor internet controversy. And, it seems like this is a weird topic, with multiple people saying many different things. Twitter is a weird place, not the best format for verifying info.

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Re: Aim Assist info

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That's that kid who was abusing alt f4 on stream for weeks to become #1 pred for a brief period of time.


I got banned in his chat when i said it suspicious that him or his teammates would always crash any time they lost a fight for several hours on end.


Diegosaurs should honestly STFU about what's fair or not.

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Re: Aim Assist info

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@Sir_Named bunch of crock. never have my mouse moves like that.
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Re: Aim Assist info

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ImperialHal - TSM 


ProblyGarret no team but amazing at the game. 


Soltek - Garrets brother amazing player


I can keep going on who i watch and went to controller all on stream saying how much easier the game actually was with controller over normal pc equipment. 

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Re: Aim Assist info

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@E9ine_AC Maybe it was easier for them to aim, given that they probably already had expert recoil control, but movement is a lot more difficult and most controller players can’t use the thumb sticks as finely as a mouse.
I don’t really know those people, but that Diegosaurus guy was also in a streaming clan and he was basically wrong. And apparently abused dashboarding.
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