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Age and PC specs

by GrantBarker

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks. I have been looking online at the different prices for used. It's very appealing, yet a bit risky too as you say.
I'm keeping my eyes open though. It would indeed be nice to have the best of everything related to PCs, but unfortunately I can't afford it at the moment.


It's good to hear that you got a decent used 1080Ti. 

I appreciate your input and advice.




Why did you delete the novel you were typing? I'm just curious. (At my age, it's all too easy to want to give up sometimes..)


That's a great idea about recording gameplay. I swear Apex is making me physically lose my hair. I have felt the same with stressing over BF4 in the past too, which is actually the main reason why I stopped playing it.


I've never recorded gameplay before, even for myself. Truth be told, I'd like to be a streamer if I felt up to it. But talking and listening to people is where it's mostly at for me (as opposed to saying hey look at my gameplay). I even found myself recently stop bopping a downed opponent, empty all my ammo and weapons on the floor in front of him, kneel beside him and let his teammate find me and kill me. (I was so surprised to have beaten him, I must have felt sorry for him or his hardware.) (It takes all sorts.)


I'm pleased you have found a source of recovery for your severe brain injury, especially when it's as fun as game related. (Side note - I often research NDEs and OBEs as a source of faith in the future or inspiration to think less about stuff nowadays.)


I'm such a pu55y in game. I swear I flinch or panic in a cqb situation, plus I don't think I or my monitor keep up so well so as not to panic.


I'm using 2 sticks of 3200 RAM (16gb each) thinking that I would get more when I can afford it. However, I probably should have gotten 4000 mhz anyway (which was the original dream or plan.)


I've watched quite a few Apex videos including PS4, etc. I assume that most console players have similar specs to each other, compared to PC players. I've even noticed that some top PC  players do better from home as opposed to a place where the hardware is the same for everyone. (I know the XL2546 has the ability to brighten up hard to see dark areas. So, sometimes on Twitch what we are seeing is not necessarily a true representation of what the op is seeing.)


There has to be a cooler expression than salt and pepper. Bangalore says things like Ready Up, Rock and Roll or something like that, but never let's go.. salt and pepper. (I'm missing the coolness of youth enough, without having to relate to myself as salt and pepper something..) (Just kidding.)


Thanks for your advice and input. May you loot less and help your teammates - more than I do.




Thanks. I don't plan on using Linux, even within Windows 10. I've tinkered with and used Ubuntu (and openSuse) in the past, but usually come back to or mostly use Windows 10. I'm probably a little lazy when it comes to using the command line for things like setting up internet connections or audio, drivers etc. As recently as 2 months ago I installed Ubuntu on an old laptop only to kind of give up and go back to Windows 7 for that device, after having to fiddle too much to get the ethernet port working. I only use that laptop as a device for occasional visitors to chill and use at my home.


Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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No matter what you do now or in the future, always remember, that when hardware comes out, most things, inculding games do not take advantage of them.


So there's no point in buying the top line hardware if whatever you're going to be doing is not going to take advantage of them, it's just a waste of money, and most people throw away money not realizing it.


So like you considering that RAM upgrade, you really need to read specs on what you plan on doing if it's going to really matter,  and with RAM the upgrade will only be small percentages...


It's like me at the present owning a GTX 1060 6GB and the 1660ti just came out, and upgrading to this is only a small change, so buying a 1660ti just to get a new card with some changes, it's not worth it, this is a perfect example...

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks. I agree. I only build/upgrade a new PC every 5, 6 or more years. About 6 years ago I bought a Z77X-UP7 motherboard which I didn't even overclock. Having said that I also bought the 3770K which was becoming fairly old by then. By the time I had built that build (I bought a part every couple of months and watched them pile up by my desk) it was about 18 months old.


I believe in the concepts in this non-computer related video: watch?v=TIjvXtZRerY (paste it on YouTube. I don't want to spam.) When it comes to computer parts however, to truly be worthy and happy in this world - WE NEED THE BEST! Just kidding.. mostly.. 

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