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Age and PC specs

by GrantBarker

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Re: Age and PC specs

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If your focus is on getting better at the game, the XL2546 is the way to go. It’s the monitor that a lot of pros swear by (like Dizzy). However, it definitely is a monitor catered to esports performance, not casual play. So the color accuracy and resolution will be the trade-off. But you’ll get top tier performance and Dynamic Accuracy to make up for it. Also, 60 to 144Hz is a huge jump and will have the most impact. 240Hz is even better, but probably won’t be as noticeable. It won’t guarantee you’ll get better, but it will give you the tools to do so.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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OK. Thanks. I will check the MSI out in the stores here. If I get one, I'll then look to get a good GPU for my needs. Cheers.
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Re: Age and PC specs

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Players like Dizzy have raw talent to be brutally honest.

I often hear people asking him how much practice it would take to be as good as him, and he replies he spent over 6000 hours playing CS:GO


But in truth their skill level is unattainable for almost everyone, including their age peers.


To give an example, Shroud did a reaction speed test on stream, which showed his is about 70ms, while normal is 230Ms

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks PhantomThiefB. That makes total sense. I appreciate your candor too. Thank you for taking the time to post.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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@ Wingmannedbro

Thanks Wingmannedbro. I agree with you too. I realize that these top players are in a small percentage league of their own. When you get to my age, you question your own abilities or skills compared to the past, so it's good to try to make sure that the hardware is not a limiting factor when benchmarking our own skills. Even just gaming at 1080p and above 60hz should make quite a difference I expect. Thanks.
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Re: Age and PC specs

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you want a gaming monitor with at least 120fps for a technical advantage, i watched a youtube video on it ill see if i can find it;


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Re: Age and PC specs

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We still need a list of games you want to play besides Apex, because it will really help out for figuring a graphics card.


The Nvidia RTX might be nice,  but if you're never going to need Ray Tracing, then the cost can be a waste, granted there might be faster ram and clock speeds, but depending on the games you want to play, there comes a point where it's not needed and becomes overkill, again, it depends on your Gaming needs.


You might do just fine as an example with a GTX 1060 or the 1660ti, if you want to stick with Nvidia.


I have a GTX 1060 6GB and it's perfect for all my gaming needs.


Also to better help you see and feel the differences in hardware changes, just get the monitor for now and see how you like playing with that, alongside the GTX 970. As far as all your other hardware goes, what PSU(Power Supply Unit) and RAM do you have?

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Re: Age and PC specs

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You are better going amd as nvidia are more expensive and they gimp the drivers down to make you buy new gpu's

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Re: Age and PC specs

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I'm mostly into Apex at the moment. Other potential games would be similar stuff like Titanfall, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc.
Plus, I'd like to try a few sniper games.

I did buy Forza Horizon 4 six or more months ago but got bored of it quite quickly.

My PSU is a Silverstone SST1000-P.
RAM is 32 Gigs (2 x 16) Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200.
And my main drive is a Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB.

I know I'm rather old, but if I was going to go for the 240hz, 2080ti route in the future I'd probably consider 4000mhz RAM.

I think the 1660ti is seen as the ideal bang for the buck for 1080p.
I also saw some second hand/pre-owned 1080ti (11GB) GPUs too for around 500 bucks. Thanks.

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