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Re: Age and PC specs

by SeijunChan

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Without making it complicated, the only thing you have to consider now and in the future is if the hardware you are purchasing, you will be taking advantage of it, otherwise you are just throwing away money.


So to explain it another way, 2080TI, will any game you play take advantage of ray tracing and and of the changes to the card...


A lot of people think that getting the latest and fastest is the best, it's not, it's only the latest technology, which a lot of people will not be taking advantage of, and then when you look online and see the actual benchmarks on these specs, many times we are only talking small percentages in difference, which sometimes, don't amount to much.


All your hardware is already overkill for a game like Apex, also as I pointed out, you have to figure what you are playing, because if you also don't balance it correctly, then many games as example you can't play on Ultra settings, but of course wanting a 2080Ti would put you in high resolution ranges, if that is all you are thinking about with a card like this.


Some people might play Apex on 1440P, but to be really competive it's best to stick to 1080P.


The MSI monitor and the 1660ti will make a big difference, it's the next step you should take, and the reason why, it's a fairly big step up and you should see what this is like before going any further, otherwise you will not know what this step is like and you might find out for your needs it's enough without throwing away money.




P.S. Go with one of the EVGA 1660ti; (Research the Dual Fan Models, over the single fan models)

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks for your advice. I'll keep an eye on the prices of everything here and see how it goes.

I'm looking forward to (and hoping) that the switch up from 60hz to 144hz is a very noticeable difference and advantage.


For those people who have enough money, a 240hz monitor can also be set to a lower hz I think, until they can get a faster GPU, etc.

I agree that for now it could be ideal to get a 144hz one.


I originally liked the idea of a 1660ti (for 1080p). I know that the MSI ones are nice and quiet, which is good for me here in my small (wooden) apartment in Japan.

Maybe the EVGAs are quiet too. It would be nice to enjoy a decent overclock, etc. and still have a nice quiet system for gaming through the night or whatever.


Cheers mate. Never too old to talk about computers !

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks. I'll keep an eye on the news..

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Re: Age and PC specs

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If you can get a good used 1080Ti for <600, then that's your best option by a very large margin. And by good I mean one that won't die within a couple of months. If it looks unburned (no discolorations, burn marks, bloated condensators, etc), doesn't make weird noises (well fan replacement is not terribly expensive, so it's always an option) and can hold during stress tests - it should be fine. Don't buy one if you can't look at it and run the tests though.

1080Ti was so extremely powerful and ahead of the previous cards, that it's still going to be one of the best cards after 2-3 years.

The bitcoin mining boom and collapse ensured that the 2nd hand market is way oversaturated with 1080Ti's (the main choice for mining), so the pricing is lower than normal.

For the same price you could get something like new 2060, which is noticeably weaker. 1660Ti is not worth the price, since it's on the level of a 1070 - buy a used 1070 for pennies instead then.

2080Ti and 2080 are most definitely not worth the price, unless you simply need the best.


P.S. Got my used 1080Ti a year ago for 400 eur and it's still working like a bee.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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The thing with nvidia cards go look on ebay and second hand ones for parts or not working and there is loads.

Its a massive risk buying nvidia second hand. 

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Re: Age and PC specs

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The best way to buy used card is in person, preferrably straight out of the PC it was used in. I would never buy one on ebay.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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I stopped buying nvidia because they are the only cards that break in my opinion, i have never had a amd or ati card break once.

The components nvidia use are not good quality the vrm's are weak also.

Nvidia is greedy they want you to buy a card every generation they gimp the drivers down so you get less fps in games 2 years down the line.

They are not a trust worth company and they put their prices up everu year and you get hardly any more performance for the money.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Since everyone else has helped you on the computer front I will address the other question you posed about age and reaction and all of that. I am 45 and while I played video games casually off and on over the years not really into online or competition style play until a couple of years ago. 


I could and did write a novel(just deleted all of it and started over).


To make this short I suffered a severe brain injury 4 years ago and have used video games as a source for recovery. The most important factor for me has been watching clips of my gameplay to see where I struggle and to see where I am improving. In Apex I would recommend watching battles you lose to see if you are clip strafing. Are you shooting to the right or left without realizing it? If so adjust the next game and see if it improves. There can be alot more to this game then just land die rinse repeat if you want it to.


BTW I play on PS4 not computer for specific reasons, I spec out and build/ maintain our network, engineering and programming computers so playing on a computer in my free time does nothing for me. I just want to hit power on and go play. You have gotten some good suggestions on video cards and monitors. My suggestion on top of all others would be to get the best monitor first that you can afford with the best refresh rate possible. Video card would be second on my list.Also since I don't remember seeing it listed RAM would also be on my list if you have availabilty I would look at configuring my RAM to optimize my computer. Depending on options of available slots and capacity of your desktop RAM cards are pretty cheap and will help most computers process better. (If you have 4 slots for RAM utilize them, you are better off with 4X 2 gigs vs. 2X 4 gig cards, it makes a world of difference in any graphics driven program)


Anyways I was responding primarily to let you know that you are not the only salt and pepper player out there. I play primarily with 20-22 year olds because there are not alot of us (Atari) generation players on Apex. On a side note I do remember standing in a line to buy my copy of Pac-Man for the 2600 so I will date myself.


Good luck and enjoy your trips to the battle ring.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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You've just been unlucky if you are saying that Nvidia cards break more then AMD, there are no facts to back up what you are saying.


The VRM issues started several years ago, this is old news and not relevant now.


I've used probably 10 generations of Nvidia cards, mainly from EVGA over 15 years,  and never once ever had any issuses.


EVGA are great video cards and it's the only company to use. I personally own a stock GTX 1060 6GB at present, that I've been using for almost 2 years, on average 10 hours a day, and not one problem at all, rock solid!




Everyone's needs are different, just because a 1080ti might be a good card, if someone doesn't have $600 USD to blow, then what does it matter?


Best is based on the Needs of the Individual and their pocket book, and if GrantBarker is only going to play some various games that will never meet up to the gaming specs of a 1080TI, then it's a waste of money, and a card half the price like a 1660ti could work just fine for someone, for several years, again, based on their needs.


Next question no one ever asked!




Do you ever plan on using Linux? If you do, Nvidia support is much better in Linux.


Linux by the way, if there are games someone plays, that are supported in Linux, from the track record I have seen in Linux run and perform better.


Steam has a Linux version and Valve has a Linux gaming platform, 'Steam OS'.

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