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Age and PC specs

by GrantBarker

Original Post


Age and PC specs

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Hi Guys,


I've been playing Apex Legends for a couple of months now, and first of all congrats for such a cool and addictive game!


I will be the first to admit that I'm a lousy player. I'm 50 years old and using a GTX 970 with a 60Hz (6ms response time) 1920x1200 monitor. All settings are set to minimum (and they stay there). The rest of my PC specs are OK (9900K, Z390 Aorus Master, etc.) which I built to enjoy Apex Legends..


At this age (I'm pretty active and disciplined) the mind gets slower, so reaction times get slower. I know there are plenty of older players out there.


I'm saving up for a decent video card like a 2080ti, and a 240Hz 1080p gaming monitor like the XL2546, and hoping that this helps me up my game. (Not all older people can easily afford these things.)


The personal question for me will be, will I be a better player with the new hardware when I get it - or will I fall short and still react too slowly..

I'm in awe of very cool (and very young) Twitch players like Dizzy, who seem to think incredibly quickly in game.

Have any of you (especially older players) seen any decent gains from upping your PC hardware specs?


Or maybe you are already a very good player but still playing on a slow monitor like mine?



Other thoughts: I easily give up and quit when I get killed - and I believe many people do now. It can be annoying for all of us when we are trying to save someone and they simply disconnect. I'm also guilty of clowning around sometimes and not caring enough about the team who simply land in an incredibly hot zone just to get instantly killed. I appreciate that we need to learn to swim in at the deep end, but sometimes I like to go it alone or fight (without feeling guilty of having my teammates backs) so that I can get a bit of practice in, be it learning to grapple, sniping or whatever.

I also find it annoying when the team is looting so much and don't see the enemies approaching. (They need a shopping game or something. I suppose having lots of loot and dying feels better than having no loot and still dying.)


At my age, this game is great, however it is an incredible source of depression or frustration (hopefully the latter for most) for those who feel they lack or can't get better. I hope the devs keep this in mind into the future.

It would be cool to see a Co-Op version maybe, or obvious ways for us noobs to create noob squads. I'm not sure how manly or not it feels to invite people or make friends in game. I'm an English speaker living in Japan though, so I can't communicate so easily with people on the servers here.


Anyway, Apex Legends is such a cool game. It's already part of culture now. Dare I say it, I even hear sounds in the street which remind me of the game, a Wraith or something, and sometimes look up at electricity cables and first see them as ziplines!


It's all good. Keeping it positive, and looking forward to the future and hope to get more involved and maybe stream a little if I can improve in game.

Age comes to us all. Peace.


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Re: Age and PC specs

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The best best 1080p gpu to buy will be the new navi10 card from amd that comes out in june.

High end cards are for 4k gaming.

I have a vega56 strixx on my 1440p 144hz 32inch adaptive sync samsung monitor i have it over clocked and under volted  to 1700mhz and 935mhz on the memory i also put a m22 kraken aio on my gpu and it sits at a cool 55c under full load if i was you i would buy a vega 56 second hand for around £150-200 and put a aio on it as the cooler the temps are the clocks stay boosted, much cheaper and better performance than a vega64 on stock cooler.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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The first question anyone should be asking you is, what Games do you want to play now besides Apex and in the future?


You don't always need to have the latest generation in hardware if you are playing games that are not going to utilize it, all you will be doing is throwing away money.


For starters I had that BenQ monitor, along with two other BenQ ZOWIE brands and I returned all of them, contrast, brightness, saturation, colors, not to mention the quality of the TN panels was worse then other TN panels I used in the past.


There are certainly a lot of choices out there that can make it difficult, so when you are uncertain and don't want to waste money, try the lower priced hardware, if it meets the needs of the game requirements.


I highly recommend getting your hands on an MSI Optix G24C!


One the positive side, this uses a VA panel, is 144HZ with a 1ms response time! The color, contrast, saturation, viewing angles, are all like a high quality IPS panel, it's amazing!


The negative side is since the panel is curved it might feel strange to your eyes until they get adjusted, it took me around 2-4 weeks for the curved feeling to go away. Like most I never bought into the Curved Monitor scene when they came out, but in my hunt for a nice gaming monitor, and all the others I tried led me to this one, that was in a local store and I thought why not.


I have played on high-end gaming monitors that cost as much as $500, that were Nvidia G-Sync, to tell you that this MSI Optix G24C has been just as nice, and a lot better than the Benq ZOWIE.


The MSI Optix G24C is also very inexpensive for a 144HZ 1ms monitor too, it's fast and smooth, even with Vsync off there is no screen tear, it's like an Nvidia G-Sync monitor. It does support Freesync if you go with AMD later on...


This is also the perfect size for FPS games; 24 inch 1080P, for FPS you don't want or need anything bigger or higher resolution, it serves no purpose.


I absolutely love my MSI Optix G24C!


So as I was asking before, tell everyone what games you plan on playing, to better give you options for hardware choices!

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks Fazaaa_82.

Have you ever played on a 60hz monitor? If so, did you notice a gaming advantage by switching up to 144hz?
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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks SG_Armastama,

I will reply to you more in detail soon. I realize that the XL2546 will be lousy for most things other than 1080p gaming. I can still use my old U2410 monitors for most non-gaming stuff, if I need better image quality.

I quickly checked the MSI Optix G24C prices here and they are very cheap. I might miss never going the extra mile though and having that 240hz option if I can benefit from it in games.

Have you ever played at 60hz and then noticed the difference of going higher?

Honestly, at my age or schedule or lifestyle, I don't game so much. I used to be into Battlefield Bad Company 2 and BF4 in a big way and played those games no problem at all - regardless of age.

I originally come from Delta Force Land Warrior game days and those type of games along with BF are slower paced games in my opinion, and when in the right mood, you can easily sit back and snipe if you can't handle the pace up close.

I appreciate your reply. I love all of this stuff. I usually rebuild a new PC every 5 or 6 years, so I try to take that into account when shopping for parts. I'll probably reply more fairly soon. Cheers.
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Re: Age and PC specs

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Yes I started with a gtx 1060 in this pc i had with a 32" viewsonic 1080p monitor 60hz then i got a vega56 so having the higher performance gpu was wasted on a 60hz monitor so i searched ebay and found a second hand samsung 1ms 144hz i payed 1/2 the price it was new and im impressed! it does help a lot in first person shooters as higher frames is smoother i believe it helps make you a better gamer.


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Re: Age and PC specs

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Thanks FaZaaa_82,
That's good to know.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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This also helps settings for video in game if you don't know already.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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Yes, thanks FaZaaa_82.

I've actually seen this very video a few weeks or so ago.
It's helpful.

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Re: Age and PC specs

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If you were asking me about the 60hz, yes I've played on 60hz and going to 144hz is a big difference and you don't want to game on 60hz, it's not as repsonsive and smooth.


Ok, now that you mention you won't game much, maybe you'll still use the computer to do other things, docs, email, video, web surfing etc., so if you plan to use your computer for other activities I would never recommend getting an E-Sports monitor, because that BenQ was built for one purpose in mind; 'GAMING'!


The BenQ when you use the computer will not have as nice of contrast, colors and saturation, it's actually pretty crappy for 2D work.


The MSI I mention with the VA panel is on quaility with a IPS panel, so 2D is very nice colors, contrast, saturation.



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