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Re: Aerodome on Breakthrough needs a rework

by TTZ_Dipsy

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Aerodome on Breakthrough needs a rework

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Currently Aerodome is extremely unbalance and favors attackers and needs to be addressed. The game starts off by giving the Attacking team 3 tanks, and a straight shot to B while the enemy team can only spawn on A flag and has no Armor or vehicle spawn and has to run to B. The attacking team Essentially gets 3 tanks and a free flag at the start of the round while the defending team loses A being over run by the enemy team and its 3 tanks and with in the first few minutes of the game its already half over.

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Re: Aerodome on Breakthrough needs a rework

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Attackers will always win if the tankers are aggressive but if they hang back and try to snipe with the machine guns the defenders will almost always win -- Attackers should get 2 tanks and the supply stations should be in the trench near A to make things more balanced.


(The next 2 sectors are in a pretty good state imo)

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