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Add Evenly Distibuted Gun Rarity

by SQ_GreenFire

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Add Evenly Distibuted Gun Rarity

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I'm pretty sure adding a rarity level to gun spawning in loot bins, would increase competitive-ness. Or maybe just keep this method in ranked play, but not "casual".

For an example off the top of my head:
   Pistols common.
   SMG's and Shotty's uncommon.
   AR's and LMG's rare.
   Snipers epic.

Not saying that's how it should be that's just a quickly rushed example. A lot of other details and factors would play a role in deciding rarity and spawn rate. If a system like this is in place it's barely noticeable. From my personal experience every gun (not including care package) spawns pretty evenly.


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Re: Add Evenly Distibuted Gun Rarity

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@SQ_GreenFire I'm fairly certain p2020 and Mozambique spawn more than anything else. It seems that the rest have the same spawn rate, which is how it should be.
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Re: Add Evenly Distibuted Gun Rarity

@SQ_GreenFire If they go to far with this, it won’t create a competitive game. Who ever has the LMG/SMG will slaughter everyone who Is stuck with a pistol or shotgun.

It would also make looting much more complex and difficult. If you're stuck running around with a pistol and shot gun. You find attachments for LMG/SMG. You would be forced to try and carry them in your limited inventory. Good luck carrying a light mag, barrel mod, stock and anvil for an R-301 or 99. While also trying to carry ammo for the guns you currently have and heals. The way it’s set up now you can find some type of SMG/LMG and put most attachments on it until you find the SMG you really want.

RNG are random, well as random as they can be. They can be weighted to some degree, but the more they are weighted, the less random they are and the more predictable they become.
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Re: Add Evenly Distibuted Gun Rarity

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@SQ_GreenFire Nope, this ain't fortnite, let's move on.
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Re: Add Evenly Distibuted Gun Rarity

All weapons in Apex Legends have a certain chance to spawn. So this kind off is already implemented.

P2020 and Mozambiques are more common than r99 for example.


The rates of weapon drops change per region, so for example, if you enter a named location you will have a higher chance on good weapons. Entering a region without a name is a low chance of good stuff.


You know in what kind of region you are by looking at the colour of the name at the top left corner when entering a new area. At least, it was like that on Kings Canyon.

You can find the different regions here (season 1):


I'm not sure that they assigned probability values based on the type of guns as you have set them out, @SQ_GreenFire


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