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Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

by VSOP_Gibbs

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Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

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I am so sick, of having cheaters, cheating so hard, that they don't even care about not beeing obvious. Worst part is, that EA seems to allow these things to continue to happen.


Playing TDM on BF V, and having ppl running around with MMG as support and headshotting over 100kills, most ive seen in 1 TDM game of a cheater is 110/0, map is over under 2min.

Mass reports surging in on them, BUT they are still allowed to play, day after day, week after week.

I mean, 110 kills in 1 game, as Rank 1-60, where ppl with ranks up to 250-260 stand no chance. Even if we take our team in to a small room, this player goes in solo, headshotting all 16 of us, even though there is only 1 way in the room, and it's the same way as out, and we are all aiming at the entrance, still he manages to headshot us all.

We need Active banns on cheaters, and not just bann their account...bann their maxtor adress, their IP adress, their ISPS port of them.
Make it costly to be banned!

Not only do they need a new game, they need a new computer, new ISPS, and so forth.

I do love BF, but after this obvious neglection of the customers, then I can say that this was the last BF I'm ever going to buy. Heck, I won't even play the next one, even if it's free or if you pay me to play it.


I can not support EA, for allowing cheaters to continue to rage across the servers.


And it's not like it's 1 a week, or 1 a's more like 8/10 servers I join, there is a major cheater. In ALL of the game modes.

And admins deleting videos on the forums, hiding the evidence, is so BULL.
Also, telling ppl in the forums,  to use the report system...stop doing that, we all know by now, that it's broken as hell, and there is no feedback and no banns going of from it.

So, either start banning the crap out of the cheaters, so we can enjoy the game we paid for, or simply see the Company go under, cause nobody like playing online games, with cheaters roaming free.


So sick of EA doing NOTHING against CHEAT AND CHEATERS!

I mean, sure you can't do it all, nobody can, but doing NOTHING is worse. It's compared to faceslapping the customers.

So many videos on obvious cheaters, so many reports, and they are still allowed to play the game.

Tell us, why aren't they banned? Been year after year, game after game, and still they are allowed to play.

And any admin commenting to use the Tools to report, can you go and do something to themself, where the sun don't shine. Cause it's all lies.


Broken game.
Broken servers
Broken support
EA support cheaters on their servers.

That is the new Review of EA.

Totally worthless.

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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

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I wondered if something was wrong but this makes me think a lot if wrong. I wondered why people can see me thru stone walls, shoot me thru stone walls, shoot me from a distance as medic and engineer, and seemingly kill me most of the time without me ever seeing them.


I take it, these are all examples of people who have learned how to cheat? They need a moderator to watch and see from a quarterback view and get their user names and discipline them.  EA needs to have a few people on this for a few days at least and start the discipline factor?

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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

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Depending on the weapon, people can shoot others through various materials by normal play (you get a penetration bonus) and you could have been spotted and stuff. Medics and Support use bullets like everyone else - I personally think the visibility is very poor in this game so it stands to reason a player can come across as invisible.


There are some amazingly talented (and horribly trolly, no honor) players that can rack up serious kill counts but the cheaters should be obvious.


All we can currently do on these peer to peer forums (and in general) is keep suggesting everyone make sure to gather evidence and report them through official means.




The team is painfully aware the current anti cheat isn't as good as it could/should be. I understand the frustrations but posts like these won't light any sort of fire under the team.


This is a peer to peer help site so literally all anyone can do is tell you to properly report lol. They've mentioned why they can't just hardware ban people right away but you never know, things could change for the next title.

Speaking of the next title, that's what you should be waiting on - DICE may still be trying to work on the anti cheat but EA isn't exactly jumping at the bit to add anything new to V now.

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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

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@TTZ_Dipsy Only addition I have is. The cheater thread has been closed.
This link provides all latest info on how to report cheaters:

And off course myself see almost every match a cheater or a suspicious player. But with the recent announcement I think arguing is done. Save the energy and lets see in 2 months
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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

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OK, you are first person to tell me they can shoot thru walls!  I was wondering the last week.


Well, I wish EA would allow faster leveling up on multiplayer. At this point it is amazingly slow, but, have to admit you have to earn it.


Yes, I thought awhile back there are amazingly good players and ones that are on teams, know maps, and help each other make the rest of us 'stink' in comparison!

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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

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@TTZ_Dipsy You can shoot thrue some materials etc, but not across solid Buildings, from across the map. Example Hamada, if im on the left side of the ruins, and the enemy killing me is on the far right side, down on the slope, how can he hit me thrue all these Buildings? Are you suggesting that we can start randomly fire on hard, solid walls, which not even a tank can shoot thrue, and we can get the kills from one side of the map to the other?

If so, then they really need to look over their graphic layouts...

The frustration comes from, not one single cheater has been banned, from which there are accual evidence, recordings etc, and they enter the games im in, or im entering theirs, and they just keep raining havoc day after day after day…

and about "Light any sort of fire under the team"... if anything should light their fire, it's the fact that they aren't/haven't doing/done enough to put a stop or atelast massivly minimize the cheating.

THAT should be enough to light the fire under the team, that they should/can/will stop cheaters.

Where there is no will, there will Always be cheaters.
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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

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@usafireflyfirst yeah, for a week or two, I've noticed a massive increase in Death from across the map, thrue not just one, but many structures, solid ones, so solid, that you can't bomb, tank it down in any way.

Much less likley a bullet can kill you there….it's a sad era for Battlefield...
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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

Community Manager

Hey all, if you are in-game and suspect a user of cheating then please report them by following the steps in this link:


We take all reports very seriously and will fully investigate.



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Re: Action against Cheaters DEMANDED ASAP!

Community Manager

Hello there, to iterate from my post here


Our work against cheating in Battlefield V will continue, too. The members of our anti-cheat team are working daily towards making the battlefield experience as free of foul play as possible. Discussing technical detail into our methods may unfortunately make cheating worse, but we want you to know that we’re constantly fighting the battle.

As a reminder, there are steps you can take to help us keep the fight fair. You can report suspected cheaters through the Origin overlay if you're playing on PC, or through your respective consoles if you're playing on Xbox One or PlayStation® 4. This walkthrough will show you how. Also, protect your EA Account so it won’t be compromised and used by cheaters. Here’s how it’s done.


With this update, we'd like to remind you to please report cheating through our official channels, instead of discussing or highlighting it via forums. This means going forward we'll close threads regarding cheating to ensure our dedicated teams can action the reports via the appropriate channels.


With that said I'm closing this topic. 




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