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Abrupt server shutdowns during cataclysm runs

by daemontonio

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Abrupt server shutdowns during cataclysm runs

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Does the matchmaking place random squads in servers going to be shutdown before the time a mission takes to complete? Several times has happened that my squad is suddenly kicked out from the cataclysm and we are taken to the initial screen but we cannot reconnect to the session. This inability to reconnect has always happened when playing with on-the-fly squads set by matchmaking. I have always been able to reconnect to the session when playing with an established squad. Sometimes I get the message that the session is private and can't be joined when the disconnection happens in Freeplay, sometimes I do not get any message. I do not receive any message when the disconnection happens in Echoes of Reality and I am playing in a random squad. I was playing today in a random squad and the disconnection happened after defeating Magnus and on the way to Britaheim. After restarting the game there it was the usual message about the XP you were awarded in the previous run, and the time when the session initiated caught my eye: 60 minutes earlier. What a coincidence! Specially since I was not playing at that time! I had been playing for 5 minutes or less! Has anyone else noticed this or similar behaviour?

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