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APEX Event Idea (Pathfinder Punch-Out!)

by superfancybob

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APEX Event Idea (Pathfinder Punch-Out!)

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So I was just thinking about an idea for a game event that I thought might be pretty cool. So what it would be is a mode where you play battle royale regular but once there are just two squads left all of a sudden you have Pathfinder's boxing gloves on and all items/powers you have are disabled and it leaves you to box it out for the victory. This may present problems for hiding for end game in this mode but maybe there could be some sort of ping system/radar of some sort to show people when you reach top 5. I know it's a rough idea, but I think it would be fun as a limited time game mode. I would say you could offer it as just a solo game mode but I enjoy playing funny modes like that with friends. The problem I had and I'm sure many others had during halloween event game mode(not super competitive mode) was solo que because one couldn't share the funny moments with teamates/friends over coms because you can't que in with friends. Overall I know this ideas a stretch but if they did do it as squads I think it would be cool to figure out a way to have the final squads only one on one fight, but that would be another difficult task to figure out how to achieve that. I like the idea of the boxing ring but it may not be the most practical. Along with this idea you could make skins that are wrestling themed, boxer shorts and afro, and etc, along with re-selling the heirloom items for Pathfinder so those who never got it can just buy it in the store for a large amount of money. 

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