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Re: AI Bots...

by WindowsManTv_CZE

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AI Bots...

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The problem I have with the whole AI bots is not that they want to do this for fear of empty servers. Though honestly if I run a server it's going to be 64man. Or players in certain places. My problem is that from what it looks like is 1 bot = 1 human kill, so bots can be possibly used as progression boosters? When they offer paid servers my fear is this "24/7 AI BOT GRINDING FAST RESPAWN". They need to clarify this. Will AI Bots only be used as filler material for Conquest Large etc?    

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Re: AI Bots...

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@threedog1421 Playing against AI in Bf2 made no difference to your rank or progression im thinking they have put this into consideration... well I hope so. Lol
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Re: AI Bots...

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I think I have read / heard that progression off bots will be possible.  You do raise a good point, but ultimately we just don’t know enough yet.

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Re: AI Bots...

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Bot kills will count towards progression in BF2042 according to jackfrags. @ 2:05 timestamp


I just hope there's bot free servers. The game will get boring to play if it turns into BotField 2042.

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Re: AI Bots...

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@threedog1421i just wonder that do the game have to get 120 for gamin?why u can't play 2x VS 30, for an example? what can't the game allocate new player into a team which lack of player in number? whatever i dont want the map too wide, just like BF4, it is annoying to find and kill those camper in far , far away in the map!!!



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Re: AI Bots...

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@threedog1421 My understanding EA servers will have AI bots to make up numbers in areas were servers don’t fill up.

It has been mentioned they will count towards progression.

But in reality I can’t see many servers needing AI top up during peak periods, would probably be more beneficial with the late night/early morning gamers.
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Re: AI Bots...

Hello @threedog1421

Players will be able to start Server alone only with full teams of AI Soldiers or with Friends in Squad and full teams of AI Soldiers.

Progression will be enabled so players that are not really good in Fps games has chance to learn the game and still play with Friends. Standard smile
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Re: AI Bots...

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Yeah that is massive if players progress playing against ai, rank and progression are going to mean nothing at all.


Probably have max ranks with everything unlocked everywhere after a couple of days.

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Re: AI Bots...

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@WindowsManTv_CZE New players are not going to use this to learn the game, all players are going to use this to rank up and unlock stuff as fast as possible.
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Re: AI Bots...

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As much as AI farming COULD be abused to unlock ranks, and other rewards, you can bet your house on EA sorting it out if it has the potential to impact on MTX

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