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AFK farmers in Apex

by Balzano

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AFK farmers in Apex

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If you don't have the luck of having friends available to play with the same time as you do, you are kind of forced (for the time being) to engage enemies together with randoms. Personally i don't have any problems with people lacking skill or being new to the game. We were all new once. This is a high paced game that often rewards the aggressor more then the defender, based on my own personal experience of course. I might be bad at defence. ^^


Anyhow, to the problem at hand. I've seen an increasing amount of afk farmers. People who usually drop down with you, and simply doesn't move. With the result of getting killed, or simply dying outside of the border. All of a sudden it's 2v3 in most engagements, or even 1v3 if the other teammate gets down and instantly disconnects (also happen often).


But my main problem is with the afk farmers. They have a big impact on the game and gameplay. Imagine if you are new to the game and end up with afk farmers from start. I for one would uninstall the game and move on.


So i am wondering if this is being adressed? 

Is there a place were we can report them? Are they included with the "cheaters" report?

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Re: AFK farmers in Apex

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I've noticed a few, not many but it does happen. The ones I encounter are quite smart about it too. They'll drop to the center of the map and find an obscure place to hide, they end up staying in the ring for quite a while and netting some good exp for it. Unfortunately they aren't seen as "Cheaters" officially as they're not doing anything that directly impacts thier personal performance such as third party software that enables features the game doesn't have as standard (WAll hacks, aimbots and so on) they are simply joining a game and not moving. T&C says nothing about that.

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Re: AFK farmers in Apex

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Got the same experience, look for it in the net and found out that there is numerous video that show how to do it and even bot. As a personnal experience .I got a lifeline that was jumpmaster and landed in the middle of nowhere. She didn't follow the 2 other teamate. Finally when the ring got to her, she started to use her ability to heal herself and hold during a long part of the game. Wonder if someone is behind the screen or maybe a bot. The second i got was a caustic hiding in the bunker behind his barrel. Those kind of behavior should be addressed ASAP before it starts to be common.

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Re: AFK farmers in Apex

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To be fair that's a viable way to play caustic

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Re: AFK farmers in Apex

@cleverusername82 wrote:

To be fair that's a viable way to play caustic


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Re: AFK farmers in Apex

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@cleverusername82 I'm curious about something. How did you manage to dig up a post from March?! haha
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