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A player's letter to EA Boss.

by Vurivia

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A player's letter to EA Boss.

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I am not begging you. Because this is not I have to do, but which is you have to think about - "Is EA really for the players?"
Players can NOT choose where to be born, but we CAN choose where to play.
I can ignore such unpleasant conversation last week. I can choose not playing EA games anymore, not using Origin anymore. But I did not choose this option... I choose to write to you again, to remind you again as "a valuable customer" which automatically generated in your reply letter.
No matter you help me to add Japanese language or not, I do not care anymore. Such things are all past and gone.
I just have something to say:
It looks like that is player's fault, but in fact, that is EA Boss's fault.
I cannot believe that using language packs for "region specific" by EA such a big company. This is 21st Century now, look around, Dear EA.
Even rigid Nintendo here has thrown region specific into trash.
Even Microsoft Office's language packs are free now.
Words coming from the bottom of one's heart are not honeyed.
I represent the silent mass. Boss, you cannot hear such words often.
Think again, think hard, think twice - "Is EA really for the players?"
"Do global players have the rights to enjoy a same game with all language packs?"
Thank you, and farewell. m(_ _)m

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