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Re: A friend suffered a lot of disconnects

by Haruchai01

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A friend suffered a lot of disconnects


A., one of the friends I play with had problems since launch.

Sometimes the game would work for him, but most of the times it didn't. He especially mentioned he was mostly unable to enter freeplay.

He tried various settings for his graphics, installed new drivers, installed old drivers, nothing helped.

He started cursing the devs like so many people on this forum.


I, too, experience some problems with the servers now and then. But since I've had these kinds of problems with other activities on the internet before I know I need to unplug my powerline adapter and plug it back in when this happens and everything will be fine again.

Another friend's connection isn't very good, to begin with. He experiences disconnects in Anthem when his kids circumvent the rule that downloads are restricted to the times he isn't playing online games.

But A. was convinced the problem wasn't with his connection.

Since A. works in IT his opinion carried some weight.


Two days ago A. came online to tell us his freeplay was working.

His ISP had provided him with a new modem. He hasn't had a single crash or disconnect in Anthem since then.


It's frustrating to be unable to play and enjoy a game you have been looking forward to. And I don't say Anthem hasn't problems that need to be fixed. Maybe Anthem or Origin needs to become more tolerant towards hiccups in the connection.

Still, you shouldn't dismiss that the problem might be on your end. Otherwise, you might wait a long time for a solution.

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Re: A friend suffered a lot of disconnects

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Glad they are able to play now.


I wish people would realize that when someone asks about their setup/equipment, it isn’t looking to place blame, but to try the easy potential solutions.

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Re: A friend suffered a lot of disconnects

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At the beginning of December last year I started to experience dropouts and disconnects with my net, I thought it may just be upgrades etc occurring so paid it no mind. In January it started to get worse, I was sometimes getting more than 26 dropouts/disconnects per day and sometimes with a disconnect it would be almost 12 hrs before my net reconnected.


I was in contact with my provider and they arranged for a tech from the NBN to come out, they came out and checked some stuff but due to technician syndrome (believe me its real) my net was sort of working while they were here though it was nowhere near the speed I should be getting, 2hrs after they left it was as bad as it had been before. It got worse and my provider sent me out a new modem/router even though I had a second one anyway but just to be sure, still the same issue. They asked NBNco to send out another tech, they said no, so my provider sent one of their own techs.


This tech looked at my phone socket and noticed that a couple of metal strips were corroded, almost black, not shiny. He said the NBN doesn't like that so he got me to scrape them with a screwdriver while he reconnected stuff outside and at the node. I got those metal strips looking like new, not bad for a 40 year old phone socket piece, as soon as we plugged it back in, my net reconnected and it has been beautiful ever since, the speed is more than I should be getting, and I have had 2 very brief disconnects since. It was all because of a 40yr old bit of ceramic and metal that nobody, even my provider, thought to consider.


With the complexity of modern technology increasing we seem to forget that the more complicated something is, the easier it is for something minor to go wrong with it.

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