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Re: A Little Rant...

by Wingmannedbro

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A Little Rant...

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Before the update came out the game was perfectly fine without a doubt, however, it seems Apex followed in Fortnite's footsteps by creating more bugs and issues with an update. I started playing Apex roughly a month ago after getting tired of all the bugs occurring in Fortnite and it is possibly the best switch I have ever made. I started enjoying gaming again on Apex, sure I had a few issues with the game but all lasted no more than a few seconds. I have really high hopes for Apex and I believe it could definitely contend with games like Fortnite in the near future since it's only in it's first season and has high potential.


I'm one of the few people that value stability over content, even though others expect too much and want constant weekly content and stability, it isn't going to happen. With each new content comes variables and codes to evaluate to make sure there's no bugs, however, the peer pressure that comes from the community wanting these updates ASAP will obviously cause the company to release them without a thorough check. This obviously leads to people complaining about the bugs that WOULD NOT HAPPEN if they allowed them to thoroughly scan the variables and codes. My point is, they will bring out new content when they are ready, obviously they want to keep the player base entertained and interested in the game with new content, but what good is the new content if their servers are too unstable to play them? Let them develop the game at THEIR pace and you'll be surprised what they can do.


The only thing I ask of you at EA is to not only fix YOUR servers, but to actually accept responsibility and be honest that your servers are unstable and not to blame the players and their connection. 90% of the people in this forum aren't tech savvy so they don't understand the networks as much as others (no offence to anyone who reads this). However, the other 10% who do understand are obviously going to know if it their IP that's the issue, so by blaming the lag and latency on THEIR network is an insult. We would all appreciate your honesty if you just say to us "We apologise for any connection issues you are experiencing, our servers are a little unstable but we are working on a fix". At least the community will be able to rest a little more at ease knowing the problem isn't theirs, but yours. No one will think little of you if you just be honest with your player base and keep us updated.


By the way, I am on PS4, I do a thorough check of my broadband on a daily basis and only run into problems when the server is being refreshed, which by the way, my IP gives us a warning explaining this occurrence and when we can expect the servers to be stable again.


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Re: A Little Rant...

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Update on the way for consoles lag etc
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Re: A Little Rant...

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lol game is 3 months old

you been here 4 weeks



they are completly honest about how failed there servers are what there not honest about is time lines and communication to the community until recent that was sparse!... u should read the reddit posts and twitter accounts before you randomly post here.. everything you said was addressed and they said there dropping patches for you console peeps soon... but if you read about what the company is doing you would have known this instead of post this


Google works wonders bro!

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Re: A Little Rant...

I don't think you understand how server infrastructure works. You say "your servers" to EA, even tho the servers in reality, are Google's servers for example.


The connection problems are the results of in-game code making some mismatches in creating lobbies.


It'll be fixed don't worry, the actual servers are running fine.

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Re: A Little Rant...

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@Wingmannedbro Google? I've always thought EA is using Amazon Cloud. Interesting...
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Re: A Little Rant...

@D3loFF wrote:
@WingmannedbroGoogle? I've always thought EA is using Amazon Cloud. Interesting...

Oh yeah could be true, I don't know who's servers are being used to be honest.


I only that the servers marked with GCE or something like that are from Google's infrastructure.


They may well make use of both google's and amazon's servers, would be smart to do since they're giant corporations.

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