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80s Action Hero issues

by Ditronus

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80s Action Hero issues

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How do you get this guy to perform? He feels clunky to use, and his primary feels extremely weak and inaccurate when not charging it up.


I like the theme, but his loadout does not reflect the 80s action era; he needs an m60, not a charge-up bow. It seems they were going for this Rambo first blood macgyver mix, but it doesn't translate into fun gameplay for me, especially when they changed snipers into charge up gameplay, too.


If they wanted a bow primary, it wouldve been nice to have it work like the gw1/2 cactus did: strong, single-shot projectiles. Having his entire kit only be effective at close to medium range doesn't fit a primary that has to be charged up while getting shot in the face. Then, they could have a low CD m60 timer called "mow down" (plant pun and machine gun reference) that would be good for close range aoe spray.



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Re: 80s Action Hero issues

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I personally enjoy 80's Action Hero because I think I found where he shines best: Groups of plants.


Think about it. He can shoot 5 shots, 3 or 1, depending on the size of the group. He can run in there and Dynamite Dodge back out in any direction. His Rocket Ride is literally PERFECT for congregations of carnations. His Can't Miss-ile I almost never use, so I can't vouch for that.


He's not amazing on his own. But, with TWO Action Heroes, or any other zombie alongside him, he does his best, I find.

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Re: 80s Action Hero issues

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@DitronusI agree that he doesn't feel very 80's-y but I don't have any issues with his design myself. He's definitely designed to poke from range and mess with groups of plants if he can get close.

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