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“80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

by Davey509

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“80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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[Edit: YT link removed/naming and shaming]


I agree.  It’s that bad for me too.  After a ban wave it improves for a day or two is all.  I have posted other threads with the hope that others would voice up on this infestation ruining the game, but it becomes a argument of whether hacking is really happening or not.  If you can’t recognize the hackers after a few games on pc it’s because you are not good enough at the game yet.  Once you have developed some skill it becomes obvious.  Respawn you are losing the fight.  You better region lock China before season two or your game will fail on pc, despite it being good.  Don’t do cross platform until you have resolved the pc hackers issues or at least have some control on it, because right now it’s silly but I don’t have to tell you that.  You can jump on and see for yourself.  So what the hell is up with your communication on it?  Just hoping your pc players don’t recognize it?  Terrible communication. You don’t even admit how bad it is just try to take credit for how much you have caught, well it’s not enough.  

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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”




You should remove the link from your post as it might be considered name and shame which is against the forum rules.


You should also remove the same link from the other thread.

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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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I think the main idea of the youtube is not naming/shaming, it try to convey a message that 


Respawn has to shut down cheaters super aggresively (just like how fast the naming/shaming thread got detected and locked) before launch rank mode, otherwise, the higher your rank, the more cheaters, the more aggresive they're and the worst the experience you will have.


Another word:

1. Higher rank = more cheaters, more instant death, more head shot, more wall hacking, more night mare.

2. Apex predator level will be full of cheaters, total night mare.


The rank mode will be like throwing gasoline to already big fire, the cheaters will explode exponationally:


Cheaters will play even more aggresively to go up another rank, there's no shame, no self control, no pretending to be stupid, they will do whatever it takes.


Now, If you're a good players that has been beaten by cheaters so many times, cheaters blatanly admit that they're cheating and said:  "Why not you join us and be part of Apex predator level ?"


Two options :

1. If you moral guide you to do the right thing (not join cheaters), your logic will kick in, why I keep playing this game and waste my time?

2. If you moral is low, then you will join the party, which is make things even worst.


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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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They removed my YouTube video based on name shame rules.   I have no intention to name shame anybody. The link is for a streamer on YouTube who I think does good work. He makes very good Informative videos and good points on YouTube. This particular video was about his experience with hackers and mostly commentary.  I’m not even sure if he was showing game play with hacking.  Proving his point was not what it was about.  It’s his commentary that was striking.  You could just listen to him and not even watch whatever was on the screen.  What name and shame?  Respawn is the only one who should be  ashamed.  

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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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Well said

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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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Anybody interested in the video I’ll make a post on Reddit.   I’ll keep the same title so you can search for it.  Name shame should not of applied in this case. The guy is an active streamer and he’s not the one hacking. His video was a discussion about the hackers and how bad it is And he’s talking directly to the developers.  Or you can search on YouTube for, “Dear Respawn, we need to talk about cheaters (before season 2 Ranked Queue).”


There you go admin.  No links, no names, no shaming.  I’m done with EA’s forums.  Total joke that is nothing but damage control by admins.  Wake up.  Pc version is a hot mess of hackers and hiding it is not helping.  

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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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actually true so many streamers lost theyr elite strike at 40-50+ bcose of hackers and got so mad i was watching TSM_VISS stream and he run against hackers 4games in a row some games even 2 hackers in 1 game this  game have virus and devs need to cure it untill rankeds are out

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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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The reason making the identity of a cheater public on these forums is against rules is because people may take matters into their own hands.


I'm talking possible breaches of e-mail accounts etc. And off course, the usual death threats. Obviously, EA, and Respawn don't want to play any part in that, and will see to prevent this as much as possible.


It makes sense.

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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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That's just whack!



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Re: “80% of deaths by hackers in elite Q”

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I watched the video and some high streat games getting ruined by cheaters, guess what i had the same experience. Obviously i didnt have 345345 streaks but in the end i stopped playing elite que because of this. I was really excited when it came out, it was really fun in the first day but oh boii.. The second day it started and now its getting even worse.


 P.S I am waiting for the guy who will say " Get good, not everyone is cheater, they are better players then you are"

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