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Re: 500 pack Heirloom guarantee

by iBlockHead

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500 pack Heirloom guarantee

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I got the bloodhound heirloom yesterday after opening in total what I believe around 350 packs. I have since what I believe surpassed 500 packs and no wraith knife? Do I need up to another 500 packs since I got the heirloom set for bloodhound to get the wraith heirloom? Literature online shows there is a guarantee at 500 so my assumption was I got the bloodhound one and then the wraith one should have come at 500 total. Sort of like the legendary 30 pack guarantee, you might get one before but then you will also get one every 30 packs. I need someone to confirm this for me and ideally let me know how many packs I have. I have spent so much money at this point I’m very upset I did not get the knife. 

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Re: 500 pack Heirloom guarantee

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@TurtleRex69 Im not sure but I think you should get either Bloodhound or Wraith heirloom by the time you opened 500 packs.
Another 500 packs you should open the other one.
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Re: 500 pack Heirloom guarantee

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@TurtleRex69 You are guaranteed a legendary item every 30 packs.

You are guaranteed a heirloom set every 500 packs.

Once you get a heirloom set, the counter restarts to 0 and you must open another 500 packs to be guaranteed the other heirloom set.

If you get a set earlier than 500, it was pure luck but the counter goes back to 0.

Same with legendary items, one every 30 if you have not received one yet. If you have, the counter goes back to 0.
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