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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

by TheUnknownMsx

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48 hours after ban wave hits....

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yeah its rampart again...  people wipen whole squads in a single mag then u spectate them and they run into another team get downed cant hit the broad side of a barn or jsut run around aimlessly to avoid combat... its still the same * you just caught there main accounts now there rerolling them.... EVERY MATCH IS level 2-40 accounts no battlepasses just REROLLED AIMBOT TOGGLERS !


How have you not implemented a stat tracker or a second level to control this?

we are moving into month 4 and approaching season 2 at this point you still cant get a grasp  "for more then 12 hours" ON YOUR OWN IN HOUSE SERVERS?



You updated a post saying hey we did something great! 755k banned LMFAO!


and there just instantly rerolled!


hacks are patched and instantly viral and just bypass what ever it was you did that took months to do. They reverese enginered and patched it within minutes for it to be viral again within 12 hours!


The week end Apex servers shows its true colors alot of people off work out of school etc... alot more people in the game! alot more of the same ol same ol just getten hit by level 20's now that are GOD's LOL


THIS is what ive been seeing alot of the last 2 days....

i love this one........ 3rd ring 3 or4 teams left ..... BOOM! ateam finds you pushs you downs yor squad in 3 seconds flat LoL.


You spectate them. 2 of the 3 guys dont even have a shield on! but you continue to watch them engage in the last fight to win the match...and  that guy im spectating  will do one of 3 things!


A.) run away from combat aimlessly looting slowly (last ring 2 teams left over 10 kills)

B.) will run to  another team act like they cant shoot then get downed and leave the match asap (its a numbers grind there after)

C.) will have 2 godly team mates (no sheilds no time to stop to put one on LOL) with them running behind them the entire time and down all the low targets the other 2 didnt kill so they (didnt get spectated)








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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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Agree 100%, game at current state is broken. Great game, it will get better, but right now it’s just a cheat-fest

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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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patience man. They will get them. Eventually they will realize they are wasting their time making new accounts and get a life.
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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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@TheImmortalEnt  i agree broski


although patience isnt my strongest aspect . I do feel this shouldnt have gotten to where it is now... and it really does feel like if your goning stay around and play (pc side) your going to have to just stick it out till they move into the next game sadly it kills apex tho and drives it to the ground along with the wait.

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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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I think quite a lot of those who cheat must have a persecution complex. Probably a lot of people cheat because they think they are being persecuted by cheats in the first place. Then when they are banned for cheating they think it's another sign of persecution. They think they are some kind of hero or rebel for cheating. It's difficult to come up with a proper explanation for why people are so determined to cheat.

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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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Yesterday (May 3) was good,  you could tell their was hardly any cheaters, today, they are all back.  

AND  some are old cheaters because some have 6000+ kills (one guy at level 73 lol)



This happened just now, me and squad mate come up to market from behind because we heard fighting, I grappled up to the roof,  and enemy Lifeline was already aimed right at my EXACT position and started firing as soon as I was above the wall.  

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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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ahhh well my good friend you have figured out the way it works lol


notice the only high level accounts that are around immediatly after wards are the real deal until the rest of the guys get there patches lol


but in my experiences and watching how the servers populate it seems they are there ( these low level accounts) to test out there bots  to be sure they dont get there main account banned so they use the alt account for testing and hey if all else fails on there main account they have the alts to instantly reroll too lol

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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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Here he goes again, lol dude u are the most funny person here at the forum. Btw i saw that week 2 cheaters, still not 90% of the games like u guys are telling me. But u do see me as a cheater to so there isn't a reason to tell u again that u are wrong, he drops u means he cheats. I would love to drop u to one time just to see ur face :D

ah yeah i still stack kills like crazy per day Standard smile


don't give me again the u are hacking thing, practice is the magic dealing with all kind of people even does hacker drop when u shoot them..

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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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Well, there are skilled players who are simply awesome from the get go, and players who play forever, loving the game but kind of suck.. most are in between. Then we have cheaters - I would happily serve time to meet them in person

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Re: 48 hours after ban wave hits....

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Consitering its hard to keep up with hackers that just make a fix for the cheat after has been caught,, yeah you play PC online game, tell me a game where there isn't cheaters, Yeah it sucks but you will most likely have cheater in every pc game. just hope they get taken out my a grenade or when they land they cant find a gun..

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