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4 legendaries in 30 minutes???

by BDD_Feranzy

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Re: 2 in 1 run???

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It is called RNG. Some have the luck, some do not. Sometimes RNG God rewards you, other times he says up yours.

Most of the time (and mmo's in general) i get denied, lol

Just the way it is.


I also agree, see way too damn many blue drops. Sure it's not like when we were getting uncommon drops at level 30 before they patched it but still.

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Re: 2 in 1 run???

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I think this might be how luck actually works in this game. It boosts both good and bad luck, so it balances out. One run you might get a ton of white gear, another run you might get three Legendaries. You never know.

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Re: 2 in 1 run???

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@Srgkill22 ran freeplay for a hour got 2 leg 3 mw and more purple then I can ever use.
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