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310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

by wames23

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310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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★★★★ Novice

Let's stop with the denial.

Before you can judge me here take a look at how much time I spent on this game. I became patient and paid no mind to the early bad reviews because I was really rooting for Bioware, but after the Elysian Cache (no armors) reveal from Ben Irving, I've had enough.



So much high hopes for this game. Really stuck with you guys since I enjoyed your Dragon Age games and how amazing DA Inquisition's open world was to me. 

These guys have really misled lots of people with their livestreams, "gameplay" footage, false advertisements, etc.


Points to underline:

> Live Service (lie. No wonder the main story was freaking short)
> Open World
>Looting Drop Rate
> Dev Incompetence (game design, why isn't there a stat sheet page showing our Damage %, Resistances, Defense etc.) Gorgeous graphics. Garbage mechanics. (why the downgrade)


>>Let's start off with their live service.
-When the game got previewed for the first time i got excited. I was really waiting for the next Dragon Age game because Inquisition was so much fun and I enjoyed the lore. I watched lots of videos related to what Anthem was gonna be and yes I got my hopes up. When I saw the great cinematics and the character dialogs from those previews, I thought, wow this is gonna be great because Bioware writers can tell really good stories. 
-Demo arrived. Wow 2 only 2 dialog choices. The left dialog choice was something of like (be understanding or hopeful or optimistic or supportive) while the right dialog choice (be stern, tough love, life is hard). Really Bioware, really? I can just spam select the left choice knowing there will be no consequences or different outcome to my story because yeah you will resolve each characters story via CODEX MAIL. For the love of *****.

- Even the Matthias quest was bugged on Demo. I thought yeah I can let that slide since they are probably busy getting the full game up. They might miss stuff. 
-What happened to the Bioware that told great evolving stories. 

- Early Access. Stayed home for an entire day waiting for the launch. (By the way the weren't able to launch the servers on the exact hour they said it around 2-3 hours later and people were still having connection issues). I said to myself, It's fine this might be a good sign because millions of players are trying to get in.
- When the first quest showed up with a less obesse Haluk, I was blown away with how beautiful this game was. If this will get me questing for a great story and grinding for around a week before I start with the end game grind, I am one happy gamer.
-I finished the main quest in one day. Wait, that was it? That can't be it right? This is Bioware. There's gotta be more because your other games had really great stories with great characters that forge amazing relationships and so forth?
-Oh wait. That story was merely a preview. Act 1 Echoes of Reality, hasn't launched yet, I bet there will be more stories for me to enjoy and I only have to wait for a month. (I was really wrong here)

-Looks like March is almost ending and look, there's no new stories and I just found this:


I stuck and rooted with you guys for this?

-Applause though to your team for working on bugs (which are your faults to begin with), and listening (with a close mind) to your players. Yeah I follow the leads and devs on twitter and I saw Mark block someone for constructive criticism (you incompetents need that, not that you don't get that on a daily basis already) that tweet didn't even have swears.

>> Open World
-Freeplay is boring as hell. Only 4 people running around with no method to communicate with each other. No open world quest interactions, stories, or cinematics. Yeah I completed the Challenge of Valor on the first week of March and have 36 Achievements completed.



Basically, I devoured all the "plentiful" content you deemed you can throw at your players and call it sufficient and yeah it was REALLY BORING AND LACKING.

>>Looting Drop Rate

Don't get me wrong. I've been playing grinding games a lot. I made it past Paragon Level 3000+ on Diablo 3 and compared to this hot mess of a looter game...I dont need to explain more about this. Everyone already knows what this is about.

>> Since I mentioned Diablo 3. I am getting tons of Legendary (Uniques) Set items from that game and let me tell you those guys understand how difficult it is to get the perfect item drop with a perfect roll.
-Even if you guys would increase anthem's Random Lege drop rate we players still have to contend with Random Inscriptions.

Take a look at this:


This roll is really a slap to your face. I have around 20+ Legendaries that are better than this, but this is just infuriating.

Diablo 3 has an Enchanter NPC. An NPC system that is forgiving and understanding of players. RNG games are hard and near impossible to have the perfect item. Near perfect would be acceptable. Here is Dablo 3 released way back in 2012:

YOU CAN REROLL ATLEAST 1 ITEM PROPERTY FOR ANOTHER RANDOM PROPERTY UNTIL YOU GET THE ONE YOU DESIRED FOR A COST. (This is one way to keep your players motivated to play and farm mats for rerolling)

>Found an item you needed but with one useless property/Inscription without it it could be truly useable? Don't worry fam we got you:


Do you have an oversupply of duplicate Legendary Components or Weapons? Don't worry fam we understand how low these item drop rates are so, D3 also let's players reroll a Legendary into another Random Legendary of the same Equipment type for a cost (which let's players keep on farming mats).

Are your programmers/coders and devs that incompetent? Has your Game Lead Designer done his research and studied other games for ideas where and how to work this?

D3s looting mechanics should've been a blue print for you guys. Oh and let's not start on how we can't preview our loot while inside an Instance/Stronghold. Also how about at the end of a quest/mission or stronghold, we have to ONE BY ONE salvage trash items (there are a lot) Diablo3 has quick button that let's you dismantle all items of the same rarity in one go.

How incompetent are you guys?

Your fighting mechanics are so simple (there is barely anything that can make me say that javelins are versatile customizable and fun) because there arent enough useful Equipment to use. Interceptors have to stay Melee. Rangers have to stay in Range (Why do you have a lot of Melee item effects for the Ranger when his Electric baton attack has a freaking delay and yet for interceptors we only have Conductive Lattice) .

>Primer>Combo Detonator (Wasn't this from DA3)
 -Low HP and dying? Activate your Ultimate for full HP and stave off Death (here come the items that increase % of ultimate charges which block different Gear builds because this is absolutely necessary to have your ultimate ready in case of near death).





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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

★★★★ Guide

What a waste of money this was, i got more entertainment out of No Man's Sky at release than this game.

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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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Is this real?  We're in an age where someone plays a game for 300+ hours and it results in a person saying it wasn't "good" ??



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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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300+ hours in a game that's barely been out for 1 month sounds like a great buy to me....No one is forcing anyone to no life the game....and spending that much time on a game that's only been out for a month is a waste of time no matter what game you're playing.
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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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That really isn’t an argument especially with live service games. I spent way way more than 300 hours on Destiny waiting for it to deliver, and 90% of my time played was spent in anger and frustration.

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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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I am no the way to 300 hour :0 and some of my friend is play this game is same as me. 

a point is I stay couz I am still fun and enjoy graphic in here . not just an social is I live. 


and this game just release 1 month pass. ppl keep remind this game to a other 2 game is similar and it release 3 and 5 year ago .I know that 2 shooting game too .  I was there before and I play those game before. and at 1 month since launch .. emm ..its worse than here.


Well . Its will have more thing come out. even fixing SLI make its enable again . if you not enjoy . no one force you to keep play . a game is play for entertainment. and I still love to play it

even I am 4K player and this game give me only 30 - 60 fps . not Lock at 60 fps all time couz SLI disable by game it self. 


PS : poor English . I am so sry :c 







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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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Well I’d call that actually giving the game a really good fighting chance and still being disappointed.

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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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@devoeaglecrooks wrote:

Well I’d call that actually giving the game a really good fighting chance and still being disappointed.



Anthem isn't Tomb Raider.  In a grind game, you have to spend a bunch of time playing before you can really have a feel for the game.  If they only played 20 hours, everyone would be complaining that they don't have enough experience to know the game (we've actually seen that response many times here on the forum).

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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

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I have never expected any deep story lines and character development from Anthem as it is a coop multiplayer game so I did not expect it to be similar in this regard to any other Bioware games. I also did not expect any choices that would matter and that would affect the story line. This is simply impossible. How can you play a story if you have made one choice and your friend has done an opposite one?


I did not expect a long main story from Anthem as usually such games have a main story progression to level up the player and to get him or her acquainted with the game mechanics. As I was doing all side quests it took me more than one day to complete the main story. If I would complete the main story much faster if I would omit the side quests. But this could be applied to any game.


I am not going to comment on the additional content that would expand the story line just yet because I would even expect it to occur in one months since the release. There is a "Cataclysm" planned for May, which should reshape the world, so I would expect an expansion to happen them. And we had a certain hint on how the story might develop in the cut-scene after the final mission of the main story. So I am patiently waiting for that.


I do agree that it is frustrating that Legendary Missions - Phase I will feature the existing missions of the main story with increase difficulty. I was also expecting new content here.


Your post clearly shows why the developers or moderators could have blocked some posts. You are insulting the developers in your post, which is the reason why the content might be blocked and deleted. Insults easily make a constructive post into inflammatory one.


Diablo 3 loot system has not being as advanced as it is now at release. It took years for them to develop the current system. Surely, the loot system should have been much better in Anthem, however, they are attempting to implement fixes fast.


You can't really expect all drops to have god rolls. And you have confirmed that you have better drops yourself. As such - you can simply use other weapons that are more suitable for you and salvage the ones with bad inscriptions. I can't understand why are you highlighting harvest bonus as it was quite a useful inscription for me when I was crafting a lot. I had two inscription on the same marksman rifle.


Re-rolling one inscription would have been a nice option.


Ultimate was used as a healing ability only before it was fixed. Now Ultimate is a very good damage dealer. I really can't see how the current implementation of Ultimate ability blocks any builds especially as Ultimate is really effective now.


As for Elysian caches I did not expect that armour drops are going to be added from them. Armour is sold for coin and real money so offering it for free would mean no earnings from the game to the developers and there is no other way they can currently earn money from those who have already bought the game.


That said, I played this game for over 300 hours and I totally enjoy it. It is relaxing and I have a nice chat with my friends when we play this game. In addition to that you are not forced to buy the game to play it. You can subscribe to Origin Access Premier for one month for 14.99EUR and check whether you like it or not.

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Re: 310 hours wasted (a Bioware fan's thorough review)

★★★★ Novice

This post looks like a cry for help. The OP posted this to reddit and didn't get the acknowledgement they wanted and posted it here. Didn't get a fast enough response so then posted about their post. 310 hours in the first month of release?! Not trying to sound rude I spend way too much time on video games myself but that's like 8 hours a day every day. They have had what 2 major patches to fix issues? Come on now some games take years to get right. Stuff like this garbage is exactly why we get CoD or battlefield or Fortnite clones year after year cause no company is willing to take a risk. 

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