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30 Missions/SH on GM3...No Lemons

by 1985_Knightmare

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Re: 30 Missions/SH on GM3...No Lemons

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Aren't you glad it's not shared loot everyone rolls for!


I sware this is true.  When Molten Core came out on WoW, i didn't get a set piece for easily 3 months)

Every roll i got was < 20, except once, I finally rolled a 98!

The guy after me...100


I find Anthems loot system more frustrating though, as you see a Legend drop, you get that little bit of excitement...then BAM!  Junk rolls, useless items, components for other Javs...all with junk rolls...


Did i mention how often the rolls are junk?


Most inscriptions could be either deleted from the game, or amalgamated to make a decent one.


Why is there: + supply drop, + ammo drop, + weapon ammo amnt, + every individual type of ammo drop.

Seriously, just have either + supply, or + ammo & + health.  ( former preferred)

Just trying to dilute the loot pool to artificially extend gameplay.


Problem is, now between the low drop rates, almost impossible odds of a truly "Legendary" item roll, the joke of a crafting system...just 3 more months unti i can craft MW components!


You have an angry / bored customer base, comprised by those who haven't already abandoned this game.


I think i spend more time here in the forums than i do in game.  

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