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3.1 Patch notes discussion!

by EA_David

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3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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Hi guys, today we'll be waving goodbye to Shadowfall and saying "hi" to Duos, available from today until November 19th. 

There's also a patch today with some bug fixes and QoL tweaks, and you'll find the notes here:

Please give us any feedback (I like the Crypto EMP shield tweak myself) and questions below!

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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Thanks for listening to community feedback, especially my feedbacks Standard smile

1. You can now spend Legend Tokens to reroll Daily Challenges.

2. Can enter the firing range solo or with your squad.

3. As a reminder: players will be warned via the menus if their leaving may trigger abandon penalties; if the warning does not show up players are free to leave.  


Haven't try firing range, I ask this as well : Can u battle ur team mate in firing range ? 

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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Side by Side thoughts as I read: 


Firing Range: People've been askin' for that for a long time, it looks great, cannot wait to check it out once the patch goes live. Being able to enter with/without squad is a pretty nice touch too.


Duos: Would like solos back permanently, but duos means one less person I have to worry about, so I'm cool with it. Sucks that it's still limited time though.


Weapon Changes: Wingman, meh, who cares. Increased projectile width is a nice touch, specially on the G7 and Kraber, I've given way too many close shaves with those weapons. 


QoL: Daily challenges being able to be rerolled is a nice touch, moreso since now we can use our legend tokens for something. It'd be nice if we could reroll weeklies as well for a higher cost to skip out on things that are a massive pain, like those "In x location get y kills". Those suck, it's great being in said location and no one shows for 7 games in a row. It would've been nice to be able to purchase crafting metals as well with legend tokens for a steep cost but at least now I can buy something I suppose. Viewing ammo types is nice too, but it's kind of a moot point due to teammates needing ammo will ping it. It'd be more helpful to see how much ammo they currently have as well. Hot drops and high intensity firefights lead to ammo shortages, so it'd be nice to know if my teammate who's pinging that they need ammo actually needs it, or if they have a bunch and just want more. 


Ranked Mode: So, this solves nothing about how poorly thought out the implementation of the penalty was. This doesn't solve the questions of, "Well what happens if my teammate recovers my banner and hides for the rest of the game / what if there aren't anymore respawn beacons but my banner has been recovered / what if my teammate WON'T respawn me rather than CAN'T." and other similar questions. Strictly speaking of those questions, and those questions only, in the scenario that your teammate has recovered your banner, the developer's answer is, "Well you can wait around for 2 and a half minutes longer and then leave without a penalty." 


So in the very likely scenario that someone grabs your banner 1-3 seconds before you've timed out and then realizes there are no more respawn beacons / teammate hides for the rest of the game, the developer answer to, "When can I leave without being penalized because being dead (ignoring the circumstances behind WHY you died) isn't fun and I want to move onto the next game where I can play again?" is now, "Well you can wait around for 4 minutes and then leave without being penalized."


Dying itself is a punishment of bad plays, poor judgement, and most of the time just unfortunate circumstances. But now the developers are adding insult to injury by making you waste upwards of four minutes sitting around doing nothing. I don't leave ranked games even if my banner has timed out, I haven't even played a ranked game since S3 came out (and I don't plan to), but this definitely isn't satisfactory to me. 


Bug Fixes: Nothing about audio issues, but a more accurate map and the battle pass display fix are great touches. Very nice.


Legends: Crypto changes are very nice, that EMP is pretty strong now that it damages dropped armor. Which now begs the question of a theoretical "scorched earth" tactic of dropping blue/purple armor, EMPing it, and baiting enemies into picking up empty armor.

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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@EA_DavidCool Changes but where is the Solo Q announcement ? Disappointed

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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thank you so much for the update, I was really waiting for firing range, and my second favorite update is the ability to see the ammo of the weapons of the team mate, I really wanted something like this.

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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Please we beg you quickly patch the firing range so you can fight your squad, it is THE ONLY thing missing.

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!



The firing range is here, I was waiting on this!
For mhhh reasons..Thinking


Solid QoL changes.
Love the feature of that you can see the ammo types of your teammates

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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Recently ran out of xbox live but with this, it's time to put it back on and jump in!


Can't wait to see what the L-star can do now, I always enjoy using legendary weapons as it frees up space in my bag. 

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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IT would be actually nice to you have unlimited ammo i both practice and training range mode!  I hate constantly picking ammo from ground!

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Re: 3.1 Patch notes discussion!

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@EA_David These are some epic gamer patch notes. Crypto buffed? Yeah! Wingman nerfed? Meh. Don't care. Training range? Time to practice my 360 kraber headshots! Those QoL changes are the best. But most importantly... SHOTTY BUFF! Peacekeeper is STILL the best shotty change my mind. Eva8 got nothing on it.

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