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240 FPS??

by DaAceXD

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240 FPS??

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So im clearly able to play on more then 144 fps now.


They seem to have changed this without any notes?? 


So my game was perfectly fine.

Now its constantly flikkering ( dropping ) becouse i can't set it to 144 fps max.


Any solutions?

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Re: 240 FPS??

★ Guide

I am getting gpu memory leak now, as the game starts with 6gb memory used as the game progresses it drops by 500mb by the end of the game and i need to restart the game to get it to go back to using all the memory.

If i dont restart the game it will drop and drop till it hits an all time low.

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Re: 240 FPS??

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You can put it back +fps_max 144 in your origins settings I did its much better at 144

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