2042 Tank Staff Shell and Helis

by SillyCyb

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2042 Tank Staff Shell and Helis

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I like using this type of shell for maps like Breakaway , hunting tanks at great distances or for stopping bolts and hovercrafts dead in their tracks  


Although can’t get these to respond to Helis , no matter how close you fire the shell to it… and when you actually get a direct hit with one I’m not too sure the hit registers any damage 

anyone test ?


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Re: 2042 Tank Staff Shell and Helis

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@SillyCyb I think you should forget about the staff shell in 2042.

It appears just as useless as the main shell regarding splash damage and with the longer reload time you're going to lose vs another tank in a 1 vs 1.

It also launches from a different part of the tank so if you switch between the 2 when spawning in tanks you're muscle memory will have a hard time readjusting.

Admittedly I only tried it for a couple of rounds so maybe it's better than my experience.

I suppose I should try it again now we have a damage health bar on enemy vehicles.
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Re: 2042 Tank Staff Shell and Helis

★★★ Guide

Not intended for use against aircraft as that would make it too OP. What it does excel at is long range hits vs ground vehicles. I parked one tank on one end of the map and another at the top of the mountain on the RU side of Breakaway and was able to hit it with staff shell at over 2200m away. In an actual game this won't happen as you will be out of visual range but it just goes to show you that if you can get eyes on a vehicle you can really pound it. 


The downside is the weak splash damage but you can augment that with a secondary weapon + gunner/weapon station.

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