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2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

by TJ400000

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2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

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★★ Guide

After you reach Level 100


We all remember the exciting feeling about your first level up, with your first pack. Then you get less and less packs as your level get higher. Just now, like lots of you, I reached 100, and your badge no longer show your level but a arrow indicating you already reached 100, and why would it be like this ? You see, from level 1 - level 100 there is a climbing up feeling, you are achieving something, a number, showing how long you've been play. Then after reaching 100, to me it simply feels like there is no more climbing, no matter how many 18,000 XP you get, it is always the same thing, just 600 red points that had almost no use at all, yes I have more than 60000 red points that seems like some kind of inflated currency from Zimbabwe that worth nothing. So, hello ? Respawn ? Can you hear me ? If there is still anyone alive there from Respawn, then please try to feel this. This thing is annoying, because in award-winning title of Overwatch, they have neatly designed different badges up to level 3000, yet in Apex, after you played a month, you get this forever meaningless cycle of 18000 XP with 600 red points forever accummulating that is only useable when there is a weekly special item that you just happend to have the required legendary skin so you could use them as token to get a limited special version of legendary skin. It is like 168 hours, 1 week, for 2 special skins, and I don't how many weeks, how many months, even years that I will finally have the chance to spend some red points to get a special skin.


( This very important improved badge design that could make a smoother feeling for everyone to keep playing update, I imagine it could be out with the v1.1.2 update ? )



Basic Social Funcion


This game has no basic social function designed to fit many player's need. If you want to add someone as friend, you cannot do that in the game. You have to use this very strange and ugly function of switching to Origin then do the adding friend thing. If there is someone you want to report, then it seems Respawn wasn't ready and wasn't willing yet to handle lots of reports from the very large 25,000,000 players base. I guess it is kind of like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty that get letters from everyone on this planet to handle. Actually, if it is me, then I wouldn't say I'd like to investigate each report as well. I mean I can't imagine there will be human doing every report investigation. It is year 2019 now, should have a smart solution. As the most common violation, which is hacking is by using the third party software to alter configuration, then there could simply be an auto detection. All hacking report simply go to an auto detection system, the system will see if there is anything funny about this reported player's data log.


( This very sweet basic social function design of adding and reporting recent players, , I imagine it could be out with the v1.2.0 update ? Or after v2.0 if with a complete new main menu design? )



In-game Report Design


The In-game report menu design should be like:






with Cheating have the submenu multiple choice options


Shot me with No Line of Sight


Move at incrediable speed

Unusual Recoil


and Harassment have this submenu multiple choice options


Voice Chat Harassment

Text Harassment

ID Harassment


To me, who met lots of Chinese players, I do have this issue with those player's ID, there will be Chinese ID which means " I am your daddy " or something really funny and tastless ( which are also very likely to be cheater ) .


( Actually there is a fellow country man who made post just a few days ago in this forum, whose ID means ( **** U stupid noob )

( I believe by having certain regulation on ID names could help certain players to achieve a healthier life )


( This better in-game report menu design, , I imagine it could be out with the v1.1.3 update ? )



Game Mode


There start to have this funny feeling about Apex's main menu, with the increasing number of requests to have multiple play modes available just like other FPS especially Battle Royale titles.


( A exciting new game mode, I imagine this will be out with a new main menu in the v2.0 update ? )



Data Center


What is the point of having to wait for 30 seconds to have the " Data Center " Appear so that the player could choose the lowest Ping server to have a proper game ? Don't all of you think it could be far better to have the data center right appear after your first double " Esc " pressed ? Is it because it takes 30 seconds to test out the status of all servers ? If that is the case then I might accept the current design, but still that doesn't mean I like it.


( If there could be an improvement on the time taken to be able to choose your server, then I imagine it will be out in the update v.1.1.2 as well ? )



A Current Conclusion


Apex instantly got 25,000,000 players when released. The microtransactions are quite well. Respawn think it is doing ok, but I guess that didn't satisfy the greedy EA, so EA asked them to release the Season 1 Battle Pass as fast as possible and just to ignore the other important fundamental stuffs like function, game modes, and design. And now you know how a substantial amount in this player base is start to feel - pretty much a dead end ATM.




So these are the 4 issues I have with this game.


And if you also have any of the above, join in and say something to EA, so that they know how their promising title need to be improved.

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Re: 2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

★★★ Pro

I have the same feeling about level 100 just stuck there, battle pass level 70, feels like slow grinding, very hard to get a loot box, craft metal.


My recommendation :

1. Show level beyond 100 to give progression feeling. Reward player when reaches a big milestone.

          - Reach 50 level, get rare items

          - Reach 100 level, get epic items

          - Reach 150 level, get a legendary item.

          - Reach 200 level, get legendary skin

          - Reach 250 level, get heirloom item.


2. Loot box, if you find in the battlefield, you collect it so you get the real loot box and can open after the game.


3. Missions of the week and get a reward when able to complete it, such as 

           - Revive/Respawn teammate: 1 common item per revive/respawn.         

           - Kill the whole squad : 1 rare item/squad 

           - Kill leader                 : 1 epic item 

           - Win game                 : 2 epic items 



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Re: 2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

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★ Guide

I think most of the users over here didnt aware for what is going on currently with respawn. They are currently working on star wars project. Major changes only will take place after they done with their other project. As you all can see, their new updates are consider minor changes, not much new features or content. Maybe in 2 months the new content will be release after season 1? What could be new content? New hero watson? New skin that has attrative effects? New match making mode? Reconnect features? New tournaments?  Repeating same stuff heh like other BR games.

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Re: 2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

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★★ Guide



Yup, there isn't the same momentum as when it was just released.



Everything could be achieved have already been achieved.





Level 100.







That's pretty much it.

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Re: 2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

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★★ Guide

Don't talk about the red legendary tokens like that I got a 126000 of them and they're going to be worth something one of these days.

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Re: 2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

★★★★★ Apprentice

The mark system need to be improve , I hope devs can add more informations we can choose to notice our teamate . For example "there is nothing to loot" , "no enemy spot" and "fall back" .

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Re: 2019.4.19 - 4 issues I have with this game

★ Pro

Great post! I agree with all your points and think they will be addressed soon. They have a lot to juggle right now, so I imagine it's a madhouse lol. 


Let me start by saying this - I don't have a lot of the same complaints that others do, specifically with cheaters or solos. My "issues" are more like "quality of life improvements" as a console player. So the "these are small issues" and "they need to fix X, Y, and Z first" blah blah blah... I don't care lol. These are my personal opinions.


1. The amount of unlockable content (badges, skins, quips, etc.) vs. crafting materials. There needs to be a way to earn crafting materials in game. We earn Legend Tokens and have to sit on them until a new character comes out, and even when we buy one, we still have plenty leftover. Meanwhile, crafting materials only come in crates and in most cases there's only 15. I don't want to have to play a ridiculous amount of hours for ONE skin I like. This system has to change ASAP.


2. Leaver penalty. This has been said over and over again, but I figure I'll touch on it again. If you leave early, no matter the reason, you don't get stats for that game. I'm not getting into a back-and-forth with people about this. It's just my opinion.


3. Audio issues. Third-partying happens a ton in this game because A) There aren't a ton of interesting spots to jump in the first place, and B) The gun shots can be heard from 1000000 miles away. Also, the footsteps may or may not be heard when you're approaching an enemy or getting approached by an enemy. Take the gun shots down and crank up the footsteps a little bit. 


4. Communication from Respawn. We need a better, clearer line of communication from Respawn. The community managers are doing great, but they can only tell/enforce the information they have. I could honestly keep playing the game in its current state, but Respawn would benefit GREATLY from taking the guesswork out of their timeline. I don't care what they're doing behind the scenes or what order it is - I just want to know what to expect. What are the top issues they're working on? Why do they have them prioritized that way? What's completely off the table for now and why? What fixes are they trying to implement each month during the updates? Things like that would help this community greatly. As it sits, we're all just guessing and getting frustrated with each other because nobody knows what's going on. 


5. Stats Tab. This is more of a "want" than a "need," but it would be cool to have a personal stats tab with the totals across all legends. If I inspect a player, I want to see their total level, kills, wins, damage, etc. so I can accurately gauge what to look out for. Right now, if someone joins with a character that they don't play with often, it makes people think they're not that good, when in reality they have 2000 kills with one of the other legends.


These are just ideas, of course, but if any one of them appeal to you, let me know! 

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