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2 Legendary and few Masterworks

by OrGaNiZeD_Ka0z

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2 Legendary and few Masterworks

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So last night, I booted up Anthem and jumped into a Legendary Mission. I jump into a scuffle as two other players are fighting some scars.

Them, boom a Legendary pops up! After the battle I scoop it up. 

After that I jump into Freeplay and grab a few Masterworks. Great. I then do a random Stronghold, and again, another Legendary.

In total, last night I earned Two Legendaries and a few Masterworks.

Is this a sign of improvement? I hope so.....

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Re: 2 Legendary and few Masterworks

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★★★★ Guide

Congrats. It's called RNG. 


See how the next week goes.

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Re: 2 Legendary and few Masterworks

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Unfortunately no... This is how it seems to work, you get nothing for ages and then suddenly you get a little spurt of goodness. Then back to zip all.

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Re: 2 Legendary and few Masterworks

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Rng is rng.  If you flip a coin 100x, there's no guarantee it will land heads and tails 50x each.  


Perhaps a very slight increase in drop rate could be warranted, but personally, I'd rather they keep the drop rate, but add in a guaranteed drop after getting so many drops of other grades   Basically have a meter for rare, epic and mw  and if you don't have a legendary by the time those have filled , you get a guaranteed legendary drop with the next item drop. Getting a legendary item naturally would reset progress to the next guaranteed legendary. That way there's still an rng element  while the super unlucky would still get a drop for their work  

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