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159 luck

by Azarul1234

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Re: 159 luck

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Luck explained by BW devs:


Base luck:  100  (naked / no luck inscriptions)

Maximum Luck:  190  ( base + 90% from inscriptions)


Tier based system

100-109 tier 1

110-119 tier 2


180-189 tier 9

190+ tier 10


That being said, Legendary drops are meant to be slow.  Unfortunately due to the inscription system, getting good Legendarys is ridiculously rare


GM3 FP drops MWs at a very good rate, but so what, they're just embers by then.  Legendarys are still very rare.  This week so far, 50 MWs, 1 Legend, all...embers now. (Approximately 4 hours FP)

Still stuck at 760, with almost all junk Legends


GM1 HoR drops at an okay rate, but as there is no reasonable alternative to compete with Legends / hour of's a broken system  ( I haven't done a lot of this as it's boring, but seems consistant at approximately 3 / 10 runs)...(for +86% luck)


Progression based on doing lower level activities is a problem.

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Re: 159 luck

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I just realized from what i just posted, how little I'm playing Anthem now...  


Makes me sad for the state of the game at this time.  So much fun, so much unrealized potential.

No direction...

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Re: 159 luck

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After two days of playing ,GM1, GM2 and GM3 = 0 ledgy


im done with this game for now.



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Re: 159 luck

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I gave up on the luck thing and went back to running the gear I like best as I wasn’t noticing any real improvement in drops running a variety of high luck gear. It’s only got 30 luck and I’ve been getting a more reliable stream of legendarys since for some ridiculous reason. I got 4 in 2 hours the other day. The whole luck thing is just not worth worrying about.

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Re: 159 luck

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I got 4 in the past 3 hours. Only using 100 luck.

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Re: 159 luck

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Just ran 3 HoR...shamefully at GM1...I'm a pragmatist.

Got a Legendary on every run...will 4th be a charm As well?

86 luck.

Did get a Legend Universal Component "Bloodlust". Adds 30% melee, decent inscriptions too.  +25% suit damage, +30% R1 damage

Feels goid to actually find a "keeper"

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Re: 159 luck

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ive not had one in 10 hours i'd guess. always gm3 with some gm2 strongholds. bored now of playing the same things over and over. i must have close to that in luck and nothing. 

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