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159 luck

by Azarul1234

Original Post

159 luck

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I have got 159% , playing GM2 & GM3 , and still getting legendary loot only every 2-3 hours of playing... Is that normal ?

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Re: 159 luck

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best way to farm legy, stick to gm1 and do only HoR runs.

it´s the fastest way if your goal is only to get items, boring but effective.

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Re: 159 luck

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Play another game, that’s my advice unfortunately. I am playing Division 2 and loot is better.

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Re: 159 luck

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4 rides so far ,no legendary

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Re: 159 luck

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That's actually not too bad, with the drops the way they are now.

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Re: 159 luck

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What do you mean by that? Just played almost 5 hours without any ledgy ..


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Re: 159 luck

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Spent three days straight grinding with 90% luck (since as I understand it theres a bug where if you go over 100% luck it resets your luck), no legendaries, mostly blues and purples. The next day, I dropped all my luck stuff, 4 legendaries, tons of MW. I dont think the luck stat DOES anything. I think its just RNG being RNG

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Re: 159 luck

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I have a good info for you.


Since the beginning of the week I got luck 200+,

played lvl30 at least GM1, 10+ stronghold, 10+ legendary, plenty of contracts (normal and legendary) and freeplay to get the gears masteries,

and ...


Legendary 0, I drop some gold loot but when I am closing they change to orange,

Masterwork, numbers reduced by around 75%

Epic numbers reduced by around 25%

and Blue increased by 100s %


They need to fix the loot systems and change the quality/level/diffuclty engine. Blue loot at lvl30 GM1 when ending the game you already have only epic/master/legendary Equipment in your javelin is nonesense.


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Re: 159 luck

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We have been telling them for weeks, they are not listening on that point.

You are wasting your time, sorry.

Since starting The Division 2, I am actually having fun without a headache, so that’s my advice to anyone who is putting hours into this game.

I love the game but the end game is appallingly poor in substance.
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Re: 159 luck

★ Apprentice

I was playing and complaining how I wasn't seeing any legs at all, so partied friend says put on luck. I put on 88 luck did a run, for Jack *. 


Take off my luck put on other gear for different build change up and boom I get a leg that run ( no luck on )


I feel like changing your equipment and stuff alerts the game to new variable or something in the way of loot drops. 


My brother was playing and complained how he wasn't seeing any legs in a while. I told him to try changing his build completely with different gear on. He did sp and ended up getting a leg.



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