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Re: 100 hour pass with 1 legendary :c

by BoosterTungsten

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Re: 100 hour pass with 1 legendary :c

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@PinkieNymph wrote:

this is my 100th hour . I notice on my origin . and all I got is 1 legendary thing drop and its drop around my 85 hour or 3 day ago . Now day I forget what is that color drop look like,

this is bad :c

I really delete 2 legendary thing is come with primce access with rage. Well even I am prime acees and early access I Just paid 70$ again for buy game again but its not give me a legenadry thing LvL 47 for real use

but well its np =|

I happy in this game still ./// except at this time. I cant login it show error retrive live data. how long does it take for fix it I wonder = ^ =..

I craft and spend 125 master ember last time. and all I got is junk gun . and each gun can recycle to only 1 master ember each .. this is bad economic ever. 

this is bad, nerf drop rate is kill this game. I belive that j-e-r-k is made a post " Drop rate is kill this game . please nerf it " is came from other game company . for sabotage this game , and he success. . I feel like play for nothing. at this time. even how beauty it is.  its like no reward after end of mission even its gurantee now 1 MW skill per GM1 . but how about weapon or leggy thing ?

Its not have a purpose to play except fun. but  at this time. game is Disable SLI by it self. graphic lag is out there abit :c   and even I am 488 . I not feel I am become powerpuff on GM1 stage. 

no idea . I just abit complain -_-.. during I waiting login server is up . 

cheer freelancer 

Use gear with "support +luck xx%" ....

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Re: 100 hour pass with 1 legendary :c

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I am not defending Anthem cause I think the bad story alone is so un-epic... I have never seen such a messed up story before from Bioware.



However: I will not blame them for the loot.


I think those items drop far to often.


People have forgotten what "epic" an "legendary" is. You should not have it.


Epic is something you should get after weeks of play. And it should not be "random". The winterspring frostsaber was really "epic". Onyxia Pre was epic, you had to follow a long questline to even fight a boss!


Legendary should be something that you worked hard to get it. Some people even will never see a "legendary".


I don't know why Lootergames throw away their loot.


For me it was always a good challenge to perform better with my crap gear than those shiny epic guys.

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Re: 100 hour pass with 1 legendary :c

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If the weapons have fixed and powerful stats than it should be rare.


There is much rng involed so you can't make them that rare this would be damm painful for the playerbase.

I don't know how many MWs you drop but I don't get many right now and the ones I drop are not that fency :P



Having full MW gear doesn't mean your can take few more hits but with ammo and harvest and pick up range rolls you won't get things right in higher difficulties :P



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