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10 minutes into todays stream

by Demonseid

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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@Demonseid wrote:

And I have already decided I will not install Anthem this go round. You guys are not adding content. You are rehashing content with "a harder difficulty"...You guys don't get it. Why...why....why are the vanity chests a temporary event...


Do you guys really have nothing ready for this game? You tout going to the forge and not having to go through a loading screen as a big improvement... this should of been in the game at launch.. wtf.


Didn't even bother to finish the stream.. It said nothing worth watching. Still no stat page.. why? 


Thank god for The Division 2... Anthem devs take notes on how it should be done.

They are working to add other new content ( Cataclysm, the new freeplay events we've been seeing, special events, etc. ), and have always said they are working to get missions repeatable, and then will see how the community reacts and adjust from there. ( It is kind of dumb to have all of those missions in the game that you only touch once and say goodbye to. ) NTM with the mobs being reworked in it, can make things a bit fresh. Sure, not as good as completely brand new missions...but imagine how long we would have to wait for that.


Elysian chests are NOT temporary. They're a permanent part of strongholds.


So, because they improved something, that's a negative? Yea, it was obnoxious to not be in there at launch. It's still a great improvement that it IS being fixed.

@SalarianLawrence wrote:

Some of the things they said they will add really should've already been in the game (like FOV adjustment) and the stream was pretty...unclear, they just prattled on so much that all the info was kinda buried in * and you have to dig it out. Atleast some bug fixes and performance improvement (alledged). Most of the stream they "read" chats and answered some (prolly pre-decided) questions :


If some of this is wrong, correct me.




FOV adjustment: Will be added (for PC only), is it normal novadays to cheer a company that manages to add that to their game month after the launch? :D


Elysian Caches: Get keys from legendary missions and open caches at the end of Strongholds as I understood it. Sound anything like LOOTBOXES to which you have to use KEYS to open, watch the microtransactions inc...


Rerolling inscriptions in legendary items: No mention.


New story: "the cast is doing new motion capture things so yes more story", 2 hours? 20? And when, didn't give any date or timetable.


New Javelin: Not coming, they said "YOU WANT NEW JAVELINS ALREADY? NO WAY MAN" Literally.


Downgrades: No mention.


Scaling: ?


Giving Haluk a Shirt: No mention.


Luck: "We are looking at luck and thinking about it, nothing to share." Great, thanks. Nothing happening to it in this upcoming patch.


Legendary missons: Adding like 3? There should've prolly been more than 6 missions in the game already, but a step into right direction, next time put enough content in at launch.


New Stronholds: Didn't hear anything about this in the stream, might've missed it. Predicting 1 Stronghold / 2 months, which is bad. Should be like 20 them in the game already.


Crystal Walls: Those things that block you in strongholds, they said something about fixing it but then also said "You can just respawn" so...


Vanishing Enemies: Said they kinda fixed it. I think.


Raid: No mention.


More customization: Interceptor and Colossus will have some cosmetic crap after this patch, no clear time given.


There was more minor smalltalk and whatnot joking around, he looted a chest in the stream and got 3 epic items and 1 blue, twitch chat died.

Just have to wait 'till this thing hits the servers and see for ourselves.


FOV: Yes, it's normal to be happy to get it for a game. Again, just because something perhaps should have been in from the start, does not make it somehow a bad thing to add it in. It's also quite common these days not to have it in by default. It's a minor QOL feature for a few people, so it's quite low on the priority list.


Elysian Caches: They explained very clearly that the keys come from doing a specific daily quest. Nothing at all to do with MTs. This is clearly meant to put a brake on people speed running it to get everything unlocked the first day. ( Though, if you cycle through enough people this still might be possible. )


Rerolling inscriptions: This is a big thing, and will require a lot of decisions, balancing, coding and testing. If they do decide to add it, it'll take time.


New story: They obviously aren't ready to talk about those details. Your only other option is for them to have not mentioned anything at all.


New Javelin: Really? You expected an entirely new class within 1 month of release? That's something most games don't even do at all....and when it is, it's usually a year or so out.


Downgrades: Not sure what you expected out of this. This is in the past, and was clearly performance related ( and people STILL complain about performance. )


Scaling: They mentioned in the stream they are continuing to work on it, and previously mentioned they have an important fix for this in the patch: It will divide by possibly slots instead of occupied, thus killing the entire unequipping thing.


Haluk shirt: ?


Luck: This really just needs a more detailed dev post on how it relates to the end results better. We already know quite a bit, and it's quite minor, so it doesn't matter in the end. ( It's one of many effects on the final number, and it's not even the biggest. )


Legendary Missions: 6. They said they are adding 6. A much bigger thing IMO is that there will only be a specific 1 to run each day. That will be a bit annoying IMO. I hate being told I'm not allowed to do something that is in the game, just because of when I felt like playing it.


New Stronghold: Uhm...we've known about this for quite awhile. The roadmap is quite clear that the next stronghold is coming out in april. Probably later april at that. It certainly would be nice to have quite a few more, but we've known this for a long time now.


Crystal walls: Uhm, yea. They mentioned several days ago that it was being fixed and how, etc. The workaround until then has also been mentioned many times. So, not sure what you're saying with this.


Vanishing Enemies: This seemed a bit odd. They were showing us the new build, showed mobs disappearing, then said it was fixed. Maybe they have a slightly newer build that they didn't want to show off on stream as it hasn't been tested as much yet...but it was a sort of weird dichotomy that they didn't fully explain. Hopefully it is indeed fixed.


Raid: Strongholds ARE their raids. Contracts/missions/hidden places are their dungeons. Yes, I miss big raids...( I'm an old EQ player after all ), but that just isn't part of this game. Maybe some day they will change it, but don't expect anything, especially any time remotely soon.


More Customization: You forgot the 100+ items coming in the Elysian Chests. Plus any other items in the rotations. They've never said what those were ahead of time before. The only reason they mentioned this one was because they had a clear theme ( Scar ) which they gave to 2 of the 4 Javelins, and people were asking about it for the other 2. They answered that question ( Yes, they're coming soon. Either on patch day, or within about a week. )


Overall, it's a decent patch in the right direction. Especially with the improvements to stronghold loot, and more improvements to get quickplay up and running. NTM they have tons of equipment buffs coming, and a bunch more little patch notes that weren't special enough for stream time. The game still has quite a ways to go before it's great, but all indications are it's moving in the right direction. Let's also not forget what can happen with a kneejerk reaction massive update. <cough> */NGE <cough>

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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Go back and watch the VOD. They clearly state that Chests are temporary event and "this is for a limited time, so you wanna get in there" direct quote at time 11:30 in the VoD

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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I must ask what new game ur playing with 20 "dungeon/raid" type missions? 

@SalarianLawrence wrote:

@Loki_Deezie wrote:

And yo the guy saying 20 can leave now that's the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Do we need more than 3, yes, something like 7 would be more fitting. But 20? I need what ur smoking.


Weed but that won't help you with lax standards.


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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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@Demonseid wrote:

Go back and watch the VOD. They clearly state that Chests are temporary event and "this is for a limited time, so you wanna get in there" direct quote at time 11:30 in the VoD

You're right there, good catch. It was 1 quick little blurb, and no indication before it was temp. My bad, and a bit odd. I wonder how temporary though, and if they will just be refreshing it with something new after. ( Basically, an ingame version of the featured store. ) Depending on how long it lasts, it should still be pretty easy to get everything since there are no duplicates. ( approx. 25 chests, depending on number of >4 loot drop chests, and number of non-cosmetic drops you get. Theoretically possible to get done in just 8 runs the first day. )

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

[ Edited ]
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@Loki_Deezie wrote:

I must ask what new game ur playing with 20 "dungeon/raid" type missions? 


None and that's the problem. I would be content with your "7 Strongholds at launch" if one of them wouldn't be completely recycled from the story missions, you know, Heart of Rage. They had 6 years to do this. So now we got 2 Strongholds. I wouldn't say they're "dungeon/raid" -type when most of the time you have to solo the boss anyway while your team quits before the boss and new ones come and quit and come and quit and so on. :d


Also advanced players who are kinda done with the "end game" still have to wait for april and may to get any real content, sure I could grind better legendaries to be able to faceroll GM3 but why bother when GM1 already gave me nearly full legendary and GM3 is still just the same thing with enemies that have more hp and do more damage. I should be doing the same things over and over STILL for a month before getting anything new to to do?! Even the nominal 10 days that's left in this month is too much and I doubt anything happens untill week or two into april. I don't count cosmetics in form of Elysian Caches as content <- prediction: keys WILL be sold 4,99e at some point via microtranscations.


And the "new" that's coming seems to be just reskinned "old", we will still be collecting echoes/hordemode point defense/collect relics. Like Legendary Missions (with new prefix-Scar/Outlaw/Dominion enemies!)


Roadmaps always mean that a game is pushed out unfinished.

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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Ya it was hard to catch and I had to rewatch it to make sure I heard it right. 


They need to make constant Freeplay content. Not this temp BS, If they are gonna make it temp make it more extended. 3 day Freeplay events are garbo. There is too much downtime between content drops.


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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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The Devs post here, they copy paste what they post on Reddit, eventually. If they remember to do it before someone else posts the link to the patch notes on Reddit before them.

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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I mean the new chests show that EA CAN learn. They were obviously GOING to be loot boxes but Im betting the last fiasco made them change them to what they are

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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@Zemerick A the time-limited thing seems odd, but there is also a finite number of items, after after a while there’d be nothing eft to get. 


They could add add more items, of course, but my guess is that if people like this feature, they will do a cache 2.0 and so on.

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Re: 10 minutes into todays stream

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@Zemerick thank you for breaking down that absurd post .....haluks shirt...sheesh
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