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10 Things that could improve this game and its immersion to help turn it around

by Varangian_Wolf

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10 Things that could improve this game and its immersion to help turn it around

★★★★ Novice

Ten simple to more complex ideas that could increase players desire to play the game, bring about more immersion, and make the game more enjoyable by far:


1. Please give us the ability to holster and unholster our weapons and run with them. It is kind of weirdly annoying that my hero puts away his weapons EXTREMELY QUICKLY and then just pulls it back out to fire it CONSTANTLY.... it is honestly superficially annoying, and small details in a game like this make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


2. Increase Master Work Drops


3. Increase weapon diversity. Its great that I get masterworks... but why does EVERY SINGLE WEAPONS look IDENTICAL, only difference is some details to the paintjob on the weapon; which I CANT EVEN SEE because its a third person game from the rear, and those details are about as noticable as the variations in "soft aromor" in the design menu; from afar.


4. Put armor set pieces as drops in free play and in raids. For the love of God, I have no idea why this wasnt done in the beginning... whomever decided NOT to impliment armor sets as part of the drops for raids and Free Roam bosses should be disciplined hard.


5. Lower the price of gear in the shop. IT IS INSANELY TOO HIGH. 


6. Fix the load screen between the loading hub and the world we are about to travel to. Half the time I do not get an awesome cut scene of my javelin getting loaded onto the deck of my strider. DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS.


7. GET RID OF FORCED TELEPORT TO MISSION OBJECTIVE. This is by FAR the most immersion breaking, lackluster, lazy part of your game so far... The fact  that I can LITERALLY stand still at the begining of a mission loading point, and let my team do all the work and just pretty much load to them throughout the entire mission while walking in circles and farming materials is beyond rediculous. Furthermore, it is an important part of the level design that any person joining the group should be allowed to FLY to the objective and meet his party. I mean... how could it POSSIBLY BE CONSIDERED FUN, to know that when I load in, Im not going to get to be the backup my party needs, and on my way... Im just waiting for the counter to stop RUSHING ME to the damn objective??


8. The end of each mission has a mission report screen. GET RID OF THE STUPID ANIMATIONS. They feel awkward, lackluster, forced, and out of place. You would do better to simply have each javelin walk up to a loading dock and park and then show the statistical results for the mission. At least then it looks like the missino is actually over, I dont feel like Im watching everyone do the EXACT same animation, I dont feel like you are microtransactioning me for animations that have no place in the game, and the players look at their badass javelin loading into the dock and it feels like the mission is actually completed. Again.... DETAILS devs...


9. Get rid of the all other loading areas, design your online architecture for Fort Tarsis to have several different instances, and put ALL PLAYERS in Fort Tarsis to make it feel alive. If you can do it in a loading station option that we can go to between missions instead of going to Fort Tarsis, then you can do it IN a Fort Tarsis that expands instances as needed by amount of players online, and grouped playerbase.


10. EXPONENTIALLY increase the amount of armors available for my javelins. I currently have not changed the look of ANY of my javelins one time since release, and its because ALL of your armors look practically the same, and they all are too expensive for the lack of change they offer. Armors should have various animations inherent in the armor that take place during flight, shooting and melee, during damage, and even in idol animatinos.

Make the armors feel ALIVE and our hero will come to life with it. Do NOT give us some static repeats of the same armors over and over...

Give us armor design options that have perks to them by piece. Not just our weapons and support systems.



That is my list of suggestions... some more difficult than others to implement... but will bring various levels of effectiveness and fluidity to the game and positive responses from you players who are still playing this game.

I hope this is received positively, and I hope that maybe some of these things could be realized.

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