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1.04 auto-pick-up loot... really?

by Geibla

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1.04 auto-pick-up loot... really?

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so i really like the new parch, especially since u buffed the interceptor a lot  Wink

there are a few issues tho:

- first of all the auto-pick-up on lott ir killing me... once ur over 700 gearscore u just dont need to pick up that epic trash anymore. if i want stuff ill run over it, if i miss picking up an item its my own fault. but stop doing everything for the players, even picking up their own loot!? xD

- secondly there seems to be a bug when it comes to stronghold bosses. i got only epics on two boss drops (not even the guaranteed MW), the other times it worked fine... something weird there

- the problem where randoms join strongholds and never open chests is real now... people will just wait for you to open chests with your key and never use theirs :-/


all in all a good patch, with some minor issues that need to be fixed.

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Re: 1.04 auto-pick-up loot... really?

★★ Apprentice

im honestly just saving mine for when me and my friends meet up. If people feel charitable and use theirs i dont mind using one too if its not spoken for already though.


if you dont want to use your keys with friends then id suggest just thinking of your key as you trying for your own loot, not people leeching off of it. cause at the end of the day your only guaranteed chest is the one you open yourself, everything else is just extra.

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Re: 1.04 auto-pick-up loot... really?

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Or, maybe they already used their key for the day, but want to play more strongholds. Honestly, this is the problem with only getting one key per day. One use and that's it. Bit to mention that communication in this game is nonexistent. So, you'd never know if they already used.

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