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"Evolve" not available since Seasons patch.

by LolliMolly

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"Evolve" not available since Seasons patch.

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Since the patch for seasons, there is no longer an option to evolve plants. They are just stagnant, staying the original level. My sim has been gardening for several sim weeks and the plants are inside a greenhouse and say they are sheltered. They are still producing fruit/flowers/etc, but I just can't improve their quality. 

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Re: "Evolve" not available since Seasons patch.

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There were a lot of changes to Gardening including in which season they grow. You can see that by hovering over the plants. Also remember that you must be at a certain gardening level to be able to Evolve plants.

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Re: "Evolve" not available since Seasons patch.

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Yes I'm aware of the changes. My sim is high level at gardening and the plants are sheltered so they grow in all seasons. The evolve option just never shows up now. 

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Re: "Evolve" not available since Seasons patch.


@LolliMolly, like @jpkarlsen stated, the patch has made some significant changes to the gardening ability.  it seems that the opportunity to evolve a plant doesn't come up as often.Raised eyebrow  I noticed in my game that it takes a lot longer for it to show up, but that it does eventually. Standard smile How many Sim days have you gone through so far? Wondering

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Re: "Evolve" not available since Seasons patch.


Hi @LolliMolly


seems the whole thing as become very very very slow.


There's an open bug report here: if you want to chime in there.

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