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Witch or no witch

by TheWitchySimmer

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Witch or no witch

★★★★ Novice

Product: The Sims 4
I want to talk about something you don't mention above:
How accessible is the current experience? Annoying, but OK
Summarize what in the product is difficult to use. no idea on if witches will have any real life representation
How is this making it more difficult? im not sure if i should buy it or not
How can we reproduce this experience? no idea.

Is the new magical realm pack for the sims 4 going to include witch related things from real witches or is this just another cartoon? seems like the sims 4 wants to be inclusive and more real. I get to sit back and watch how other minorities of each community get some type of representation that seems legit and real: but so are witches... is this going to be portrayed into the new game or will still be the cartoon joke of the community? Others gets flags, clothing and similar respectful images of what they are and who they are, but all im getting from trailers are witches arent even humans and are a different species... and a harry potter ish world. and yet they were still human. All i can say is... at least we arent green. just frustrated i do enjoy the cartoon fake witch world but is this going to include real-life witch and pagan items, clothing or something for real witches in the world?

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