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Re: Why there is no option like add new world ?

by graceangel20

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Why there is no option like add new world ?

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Hey, in sims 4 worlds aren't enough and personally i like to create a new worlds to add a spice on game but sims 4 do not gives us that option and even the expansion pack seasons, new world doesn't come and previous games like sims 2 has add a new world option why sims 4 do not have? Is that really hard to add something like empty worlds by players? I want freedom of creating my own worlds.

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Re: Why there is no option like add new world ?

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Hi. Currently, no there isn't an option for players to create new worlds - however I also hope that it may come into the game in the future as I love the idea of creating your own world. Seasons didn't come with a new world because they focused on other aspects of the game such as the gradual changes of the seasons.
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Re: Why there is no option like add new world ?

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Actually, that is the point of Newcrest if you've gotten that? It's a completely empty sandbox town. You can't create the world persay; but if you want to build to your heart's content. that'd be the place to do it. Keep in mind that area only has a single 50x50 lot. If you get more ideas when you're already building; you'd have to save it then erase it.

Also of note, when you go to manage worlds and are looking at the map; i'm sure by now you've been able to see that while out and about in town you see some lots. Some of those lots are just backdrops and not actual lots that can be used.

There is also i don't think any thing to prevent you from tearing down places in existing neighborhoods? I'm not 100% on that one since i've never tried it.

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